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ReadSpeaker is a digital voice innovator offering flexible game engine voice authoring tools that save developers time and effort throughout their project pipeline.
With the groundbreaking runtime plugin release in early 2022, game developers can seamlessly integrate one core text-to-speech (TTS) functionality across all major consoles and operating systems for their games.
This cross-platform compatibility eliminates the need for redundant work in redoing TTS sample creation with different platform-tied systems, allowing developers to instead focus on creating captivating game experiences.

What sets ReadSpeaker apart is the combination of this cross-platform convenience with a rich feature set.
Our plugin empowers developers to use offline AI voices, custom character voices, and offers a choice of 115+ voices in over 40 languages.
It's a one-stop embedded solution that helps enhance player immersion and accessibility while streamlining the development process.
With ReadSpeaker, your game will not only speak for itself but also reach new capability heights of engagement and inclusivity.