Your Regional Organizers are here to help!

We are pleased to introduce the most excellent volunteers who will help manage Global Game Jam® in 2017. Thank you to all the wonderful Regional Organizers (RO’s) for taking the time to make GGJ great!

RO’s are the first point of contact for Site Organizers. If you’re thinking of running a site for GGJ17, please reach out to your RO and they can help get you set up!


Sub-saharan Africa: Sithé Ncube (Zambia)

North Africa: Yasmin Diab (Egypt)


Japan: Kosuke Kaneko

China: Wen Chen

Indonesia: Friya Dwi

Korea: Sun Park

Taiwan: Johnson Lin

India:  Senthil Kumar

Rest of Asia: Johnson Lin (Taiwan)



Finland: Annakaisa Kultima

France: William David

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein: Martin Nerurkar (Germany)

Italy, Belgium, Spain and Portugal: Ciro Continisio (Italy)

Netherlands: Rebecca Fernandez

UK and Ireland: Eoin Carroll (Ireland)

Scandinavia: Malena Klaus

Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia: Robert Podgorski (Poland)

Balkans and Greece: George Kazamias (Greece)

Turkey: Elif Karaata

Europe Coordinator: Eoin Carroll

Middle East:

Arab countries: Yasmin Diab (Egypt)

Iran: Hamzeh Azad

Israel: Yval Sapir

North America:

Canada: Anna Prein

Mexico: Arcelia Ceballos

USA Coordinator: Sabrina Culyba

Mountains US: Sam Kern

Southeast US: Tristin Hightower

Mid-Atlantic US: Andzej Zarzycki

Central US: Tony Morelli


Australia and New Zealand: Giselle Rosman (Australia)

South America:

Brazil: Francisco Narto Junior (North and Northeast) and Bruno Campagnolo de Paula (rest of Brazil)

Rest of Latin America and The Caribbean: Hernán Valdés (Chile)

Please remember when awaiting your site approval that all our RO's are volunteers, so your patience is appreciated. They are an excellent bunch and will get to you!