You made it! Thanks for another unforgettable year of Global Game Jam!

Global Game Jam® 2022 has come to a close and what an incredible ride it was. At 10 days and nights this was the longest jam in our 14 year history and 33,000 jammers registered at 680 sites in 100 countries to come together and create some amazing games.

Frog Boi
@jack_litster: "Fancy render of frog boi I made for #GGJ2022"

We started things off with a very fun stream where we revealed this year’s theme of DUALITY and gave our jammers, organizers and sponsors from around the world a chance to talk about their experiences and involvement with GGJ. 

The show was kicked off by an introductory story from CCO of Spry Fox, Daniel Cook, and featured a welcome message from GGJ Executive Director Kate Edwards and inspirational keynote addresses from Captain of Kitfox Games, Tanya X. Short, Award Winning Games composer Chase Bethea and Game Designer and co-founder of Latinos in Gaming Elaine Gomez.

The stream was featured on the front page of Twitch and while the highlight of the show was certainly the keynote and theme reveal there were so many memorable moments from people sharing their experiences and emotions regarding GGJ and what it has meant to them and their communities. None more so than those shared by Jorge Palacios, organizer of GGJ Venezuela.

Jorge Twitch
Jorge Palacios, GGJ Venezuela with F. and SimplyGabby on our kick-off stream.

Every year we look forward to seeing all of the amazing and creative site posters and this year's crop were some of the best yet.

GGJ Maracay Site poster
Site poster for GGJ Maracay, Venezuela

GGJ 2022 officially kicked off a few days later on 20 January 2022 with the sad news of the passing of long-time GGJ Mexico Regional Organizer Arcelia Ceballos. This year’s jam was dedicated to her memory and in her honor you all came together and created over 5,800 games that you can play for yourselves.

Arcelia at GDC with friends
Arcelia at GDC with GGJ co-founder Foaad Khosmood

Some good news came though with the return of in-person jamming for some of our sites around the world. People in areas where it was safe to gather in-person did so and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to see the pictures of you all making games together in the same space like it was before 2021.

Jammers preparing for battle in Curitiba, Brazil

Game jammers smiling and posing for a picture
GGJ UK Regional Organizer @R_Hebblewhite: "That's @globalgamejam wrapped up for another year! Really proud of our UK sites and all of their awesome work. You guys rock!Catch you next year..."

Game jammers posing for a picture
Jammers in Saudi Arabia

Game jammers posing for a picture
GGJ Istanbul

Game jammers smiling and posing for a picture
GGJ Green Bay, WI, USA

While some of our sites still jammed online this year

Game jammers smiling and posing for a picture
Garagem/Oficina do Playtest Online, Brazil

As we got started, Producer and GGJ Board Member Dr. JC Lau reminded us about scope in a 48hr jam 

Producer tips
GGJ Board Member @drjclau: "It’s Global Game Jam weekend so as a producer and game jam mentor I’m gonna just leave this here. Happy jamming, y’all! "

And the thing we can all relate to with our jam games is setting your expectations appropriately and accepting the results.

Expectation vs. reality
@TeamBlakeGames: "Sum up GGJ 2022 in one picture"

But as we constantly remind everyone, don't strive for perfection…

Expectation vs. reality
@PetrasMal: "Going to give some tips on making a quick prototype for #GGJ2022 with #unity3d. My favourite tip:"

One of the best parts of any in-person jam is the food and Boba Studios in Baltimore, MD had one of the best looking spreads of the weekend.

Table with various food items
@bobastudios: "Wrapping up our first night of @globalgamejam! To celebrate jamming with our so many friends this year, we gathered everyone around hotpot to kick off the theme announcement & brainstorming! "

Not to be outdone though were the usual piles of pizzas

Pile of pizzas with a woman standing behind them
Pizza sculpture in Curitiba, Brazil

White man wearing jeans and a black t-shirt inspecting a pile of pizzas
Pizza's and some on-brand couches in Cornwall, UK

As per usual we saw a plethora of games made on multiple platforms and using multiple input methods, art styles, game genres that could keep you entertained until GGJ 2023.

Games made from reconstructed Pasticine, recorded and reconstructed in Meshroom

Plasticine figures posed to be recorded for in-game footage
@syoels: We made a game from 3D-reconstructed Plasticine!

A game made on an oscilloscope

Screen shot of a 3-D wireframe game running on an oscilloscope
@Zhamul: We are making an oscilloscope game for Global Game Jam! Wrooom!

Light gun games:

Woman standing and pointing a light gun game controller at a computer screen running a game
@bristolgameshub: Light-guns are making a comeback in our #GGJ22 bringing lots of nostalgia with it. How quick's your trigger finger???

Games made on our Headline sponsors platforms


Computer screen running Unity
@gamedev_v1v: levels built time to add the last bits of mechanics ! 3 hours to go!!!


Screenshot of a game made with dotbigbang
@_dotbigbang_: The @globalgamejam is over, and we're having a great time trying out the games ppl made. It's amazing what can be done in 48 hrs! Special congrats to ppl who used #dotbigbang to make their game! Check out Greed Island, Paint By Plunder, ESP & more

Miss your jam fam already? Don't forget you can join up to our Discord server, where we can carry on the conversation.

We will be spending the next few weeks playing your games, collecting your photos and stories (and putting them up on Facebook), and reviewing your feedback from the jammer survey (which if you have not filled in yet, make sure you do so we can get your opinions, and make GGJ even better for you and all of our new jammers next year!).

Finally, thanks are due to everyone involved in the event: our fantastic dedicated volunteers (the executive committee, the regional organizers, and the theme committee), our site organizers who put their heart and soul into the weekend, and the sponsors who help keep the lights on. Also big shout out to our Technology Manager Zain, who managed the near impossible job of making the website run smoothly throughout the entire jam.

Look out for more partner jams throughout the year and GGJ Next for the younger generation of jammers coming this summer.

From everyone at Global Game Jam® we thank you for making this another fun, inspiring, creative and memorable jam. Get some rest, play some games and we'll see you again next year!

Cartoon girl with red hair flying and waving in front of clouds and a rainbow
@NyanjaArt: Kim Kill Bang Bang ! is the name of whatever me and my team managed to pull out fot #GlobalGameJam2022! I had the pleasure to work as a Game Designer instead of an Artist, but I did make our very first fanart!