Why CrazyGames could be home to your GGJ submissions this year

The web is the perfect place for light-on-performance minigames. It’s simple to make your game web-ready with one-click HTML5 and WebGL exports in game engines like Unity.

Who are CrazyGames?

CrazyGames is an online games platform empowering developers to reach a new audience through browser games. Anyone can submit their web game to CrazyGames, get plays from millions of users, and earn revenue.

Fast, free gaming on the web is at the heart of what we do. Starting in 2014 as a free browser games portal, we’ve grown from a small tech start-up to a creatively diverse team with a bold vision of what is possible for games on the web. Fast forward to 2023, and CrazyGames is the go-to browser games platform for 20M+ monthly users worldwide!

Why distribute on the web?

The humble web browser offers a gateway into a world that isn’t constrained by one platform, opening up endless distribution options for developers in a space where users can browse freely. It’s where thousands of game developers take their first steps in the industry, and it isn’t as complicated as distributing via app stores.

The web browser is a unique medium with less barriers, allowing users to play your games instantly. This offers significant exposure to games that would go unnoticed in the overcrowded corridors of the app stores, where developers often find themselves paying and praying on user acquisition costs to keep up.

Publishing on the web is easy, but choosing the right place can be confusing. You may want to test the waters with one platform or distribute as widely as possible. 

Why us?

Whatever the case, submitting your game to CrazyGames is easy. All you have to do is add your game files and a short description, and we’ll take the pain out of acquiring users while providing the best monetization on the web. Games with over 50k plays can take advantage of our one-time SDK integration. We also have an excellent support team on-hand to help with your queries. 


To celebrate our partnership with the Global Game Jam this year, we’re rewarding one GGJ game jam game submitted to our developer portal a guaranteed publishing deal with a 5,000 EUR minimum guarantee. 

Simply publish your game on our developer portal and add #GGJ to the game description before February 17th to enter the competition. We’ll reach out to the winner via the email they used to submit their game.

In summary, here’s why you should choose CrazyGames for your submissions:

  • Timed homepage placement
  • Performance-based success
  • Awesome dev support team
  • Revenue from advertisements
  • A fair, free, and easy-to-use platform

We believe in the open spirit of the web, which is why all games submitted to CrazyGames start on an equal footing with a place on our homepage. Success is determined by how well your games are received by users. It’s as simple as that!

Many of us remember the golden era of Flash games, and today the web is still a superb playground for creative ideas and addictive new games. Especially those minigames created in game jams like GGJ! The web has seen the creation of many popular genres like .io games. Come and join us. Submit your game and be part of our community as we shape the future of web!

If you want to learn more about us, here’s more about who we are. You’ll also find us on Twitter, Linkedin, and TikTok where you can follow us and share your games by tagging us.