We have lift-off! Global Game Jam 2017 has launched in New Zealand

It has begun! Global Game Jam 2017 has officially kicked off in five jamming sites across New Zealand.

This is just the beginning: as the earth rotates and each time zone in turn strikes 5pm, 700 more sites across 95 countries will come online until finally, 23 hours later, Honolulu in Hawaii will be the final site to begin jamming.

GGJ is officially the world’s biggest on-site game jam, and continues to smash its own records every year. In 2017, our ninth year, we anticipate over 40,000 programmers, artists, animators, designers, musicians, audio technicians and more will spend a frantic 48 hours creating a video game from scratch.

All of these creative people will be inspired by a single common theme, which must be kept a strict secret until it is revealed to jammers in Hawaii.

Working in small teams, which may have worked together before or perhaps just met for the first time, they are challenged to come up with a concept and bring it through the entire development process to deliver a finished game. Even people not making a game can be part of the jam experience.

Anybody can join us on Facebook, keep track of the latest news on Twitter and watch our Twitch livestream.

When completed games are uploaded, everybody will be able to download them from the GGJ website and get hands-on with the freshest gaming goodness available. #GGJ17 would not have been possible without the support of our many generous sponsors, particularly Tobii, Unity, Facebook, Intel, and SideFX Houdini.