We did it! GGJ Online (2021) is over but the fun has just begun.

Global Game Jam® Online might have been one of the most unique and challenging in our 13 year history but that didn't stop more than 28,000 game creators in 104 countries at 585 virtual sites around the world from making over 6,000 games!

Board games, RPGs, dog walking simulators, line wobblers, space shooters, dumpster diving raccoons, lost laundry, lost cell phones, lost loves and cats, so many cats

@Robin_B: "New wobbly experiments during @globalgamejam!"

Year after year our jammers prove their creativity and that the possibilities are endless at GGJ. People made a ton of fun games and memories even though they couldn't be together in person.

@michelle_lega: "Presenting: Trash Queen. You are a raccoon in a city full of dumpsters. Go wild. Made for @globalgamejam with @jesklash and @davidmpickett."

This year we welcomed the Territories of Réunion, New Caledonia & Nunavut to Global Game Jam for the first time! They brought 4 new sites, 59 jammers and 11 games to GGJ Online! GGJ constantly strives to bring new emerging voices and talent into the game making space, so we are delighted to welcome these new site organizers and jammers to our big jam family.

@3xBlast: "We made bark souls, a game where you walk your dog in an online forest with other players! You can only interact with each other by posting emojis and whistling..."

Artists, musicians, coders, designers, writers, producers, hobbyists, students and more, from diverse corners of the world, spent a hectic weekend creating games inspired by our wonderful keynote speaker: Guy 'Yug' Blomberg and the crew at the Games Industry Gathering, the intriguing theme of 'Lost & Found’, and the extra added challenge of our 2021 diversifiers.

@YugSTAR: "Was a pleasure to provide the opening keynote of this years @GlobalGameJam, with a little help from my @GIGathering friends!"

We will be spending the next few weeks playing your games, collecting your photos and stories (and putting them up on Facebook), and reviewing your feedback from the jammer survey (which if you have not filled in yet, make sure you do so we can get your opinions, and make GGJ even better for you and all of our new jammers next year!).

@maracaygamejam: "Nolix, nos regala parte de su incuestionable sabiduría gatuna"

Miss your jam fam already? Don't forget you can join up to our Discord server, where we can carry on the conversation.

@TSoletude "HAVE I SEEN YOU SOMEWHERE BEFORE? (aka 'A lost lookalike searching for love'). A #datingsim focused on speed-datings, in which our lonely protagonist tries to find love again.
Will you help him?"

Check out some of the highlights from our stream with interviews with sponsors and veteran jammers on our YouTube channel.

@andyman404: "This poor sock frantically searches for its missing twin sock after the wash. What adventures will it go through to find the missing sock?"

Finally, enormous thanks are due to everyone involved in the event: our fantastic dedicated volunteers (the executive committee, the regional organisers and the theme committee), our site organisers who put their heart and soul into the weekend, and the sponsors who help keep the lights on. Also big shout out to our Technology Manager Zain, who managed the near impossible job of making the website run smoothly over the weekend!

Look out for more partner jams throughout the year and GGJ Next for the younger generation of jammers coming this summer.

From everyone at Global Game Jam® we thank you for making this another fun, inspiring, creative and memorable jam. Get some rest, play some games and we'll see you again next year!

@RedParasora: "My #globalgamejam2021 board game entry is completed!! play tests went great and, thanks to my encounter charts, has some fun replay value! Name: Weight of the Soul"