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Submit your Diversifier ideas for Global Game Jam 2024!

GGJ logo with the word Diversifiers spelled out in all caps underneath it

Diversifiers are a free-for-all voluntary list of secondary creative constraints and challenges that can be followed during Global Game Jam. Each year our community suggests fun and interesting Diversifiers to challenge their fellow jammers and we select 3 from each of the following categories:

Accessibility, Art, Audio. Code, Cultural, Design, Meta, Narrative. They can be technical challenges like creating an entire game engine to build your game, artistic challenges like using a limited color palette, or meta challenges like going outdoors and exploring your environment to add local features to your games, the possibilities are endless. 

Individual teams can choose to attempt up to four of these per game submission- they are all completely optional. The diversifiers for the previous GGJ can be found here: 

We'd love to hear your suggestions for diversifiers you'd like to see during Global Game Jam! Use this form to submit your ideas and submit as many as you can think of.