Site Registrations are now open for GGJ 2022!

Site registrations are now open for Global Game Jam 2022!

To accommodate those in our community who celebrate the Lunar New Year holiday, GGJ is extending its 2022 event window from 20 - 30 January 2022.

While most sites will likely be active during the originally announced 26-30 January dates, sites can operate earlier if desired to accommodate local preference.

The theme will be revealed globally prior to the start of the jam on

We hope you will join us for GGJ 2022 and can't wait to see and play the games made at your sites!

Click the Start a 2022 Jam Site to begin the process.

Jammer registrations will open up on 1 December 2022, find all of the important dates for GGJ 2022 here.

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