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Share Your Global Game Jam Success Stories!

Share your Global Game Jam success stories

Have you ever participated in Global Game Jam (GGJ) event? Did that time of creativity, collaboration, and coding lead to something extraordinary in your life or career? We want to hear your story!

Whether your GGJ project blossomed into a commercially published game, sparked the formation of a new game studio, opened doors to exciting job opportunities, or helped you find new friends, your journey can inspire others. Your experiences showcase the power of Global Game Jam in fostering innovation, building communities, and transforming careers.


Some examples of what we are looking for:

  • Game Development Success: Did your GGJ game go on to further development and achieve commercial success? Share the milestones and triumphs of your journey.
  • Studio Formation: Did your jam team decide to stick together and form a game studio? Tell us about your studio’s creation, growth, and achievements.
  • Career Advancement: Did participating in GGJ help you land a new job or advance your career in the gaming industry? We’d love to hear how this experience impacted your professional path.
  • Personal Growth and Networking: Did you make lasting connections, discover new skills, or experience personal growth through GGJ? Your story is valuable!


We invite you to fill out our Global Game Jam® Success Stories form to share your experiences. Your story could be featured on our website, in our newsletters, or on social media, inspiring countless aspiring game developers around the world!


Global Game Jam is more than just an event - it's a catalyst for creativity and a launch pad for dreams. It's a community of support for each other. By sharing your story, you help us celebrate the incredible impact that GGJ has on individuals and the entire game development community.

Join us to showcase the magic of Global Game Jam. Share your success story today!