Poster showcase: GGJ17 posters from around the world

One of the great traditions that has developed in nine years of Global Game Jam ® is the production of gorgeous posters for individual sites. 2017 is no exception, though with over 700 locations around the world we can't show you all of them. Instead, here are just a few that have caught our eye here at GGJ headquarters...

Some went for the classic video game character look, such as Valdivia in southern Chile:

Several brightly coloured characters making video games together

Bristol in the United Kingdom also gave us a colourful cast of characters, though with a more cutesy theme:

A large gathering of cute cartoon animals

And the University of Suffolk has beautifully captured the spirit of the jam - working together to make something wonderful:

Four characters link to the heart of a big cartoon cat

For their first ever jam, Armenia went with a very literal "jam" theme:

A jam jar full of gaming paraphernalia has cracked open

And Flensburg in Germany also gave us a tasty offering:

Gaming input peripherals built out of food

Some sites created imaginary video game worlds, such as Lithuania:

A square video game world floating in space

And Melbourne, Australia packed theirs with local references:

Three linked game worlds with very different conditions

At the other end of the complexity scale, other sites went with simple, bold designs, such as the Unity 3D site in San Francisco:

Gaming peripherals rendered in simple, bright lines

Cambridge in the United Kingdom also favoured sharp, bright lines:

Gaming peripherals rendered in simple, bright lines

Meanwhile, Tunisia in Africa favoured a textured, hand-made aesthetic:

A poster that appears to be made from paper cut-outs

Santiago de Chile gave us this chaotic cartoon scene:

A gathering of cartoon monsters and gaming peripherals

And finally, in their weekend program, Macedonia reminded us of the potential pitfalls in video games:

Several classic video game characters falling into a pit trap

Have you seen an excellent site poster that isn't listed here? Maybe you should share it on the #GGJ17 hashtag on Twitter!