Meet your regional organizer!

We are proud to announce a new group of volunteers who will help manage GGJ 2014. We are still looking for more help in some regions! If you are an experienced organizer and are interested in being a regional organizer, email Giselle Rosman ([email protected])


  • Subsaharan Africa: Alec Larson (South Africa)
  • North Africa: Yasmin Diab (Egypt)


  • Japan: Kosuke Kaneko
  • rest of Asia: Gorm Lai


  • Finland: Annakaisa Kultima
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein: Alexander Zacherl (Germany)
  • Italy: Ciro Continisio 
  • UK and Ireland: Brian McDonald (Scotland)
  • Scandinavia: Gorm Lai
  • Balkan: George Kazamias
  • rest of Europe: Zuraida Buter

Middle East

  • Arab countries: Yasmin Diab
  • rest of Middle East: Foaad Khosmood

North America

  • Canada: Kimberly Voll
  • Mexico: Arcelia Ceballos 
  • USA - Northeast: Greg Walek
  • USA - Southeast: Jon Preston
  • USA - California: Bryan Blackford
  • USA - rest: Bill Crosbie


  • Australia and New Zealand: Rebecca Fernandez

South America

  • Brazil: Bruno Campagnolo de Paula
  • rest of South America: Hernán Valdés