Keynote speakers for GGJ19 : Brie Code & Eve Thomas, Limpho Moeti, and Rami Ismail

Each year we like to get all of the jammers at GGJ excited at the start of the event with our annual keynote. We find speakers who will inspire everyone to pull together for the weekend and go that extra mile to get something really special out of the weekend.

2019 is no exception, and we are really happy to be able to announce 4 wonderful keynote speakers for GGJ19. 

Brie Code & Eve Thomas from Tru Luv

Brie Code is the CEO and creative director of TRU LUV, a Toronto-based studio that makes companions--interactive experiences that aren't quite apps and aren't quite games. Companions use a framework based in care and connection, not stress and reward, to help you relax and achieve your goals. Previously Brie was a lead programmer at Ubisoft Montreal on the soft, ethereal game Child of Light and three Assassin's Creed games.

Eve Thomas is an award-winning writer, editor and artist based in Montreal, Canada. Her work as a travel writer has taken her everywhere from the Great Wall of China to the Galapagos Islands. Her personal projects include the gender-bending portrait series Poster Boys (inspired by '90s teen idols) and a musical adaptation of the 1980s Canadian show Degrassi Junior High.

Limpho Moeti from Free Lives

Limpho Moeti works for Free Lives, and has spoken at A Maze./ Johannesburg and A MAZE./ Berlin. She is part of the team that organized Playtopia and in her spare time she thinks of ways to smash the patriarchy, topple capitalism and who was the best Batman. She is definitely not a robot sent from the future to destroy human and is uncertain as to why this rumor won't die.

Rami Ismail from Vlambeer

Rami Ismail is the Business & Development Guy at Vlambeer, a Dutch independent game studio. Believing sharing knowledge openly is the cornerstone of independent development, Rami has spoken on a variety of subjects at dozens of game events around the world, ranging from the Game Developers Conference to Fantastic Arcade & from University seminars to incubator mentorship. Rami travels around the world trying to find game development communities everywhere, and tries to connect them to help enable anyone around the world to make games.