Keynote Speaker for GGJOnline (2021): Guy "Yug" Blomberg & The Games Industry Gathering

Each year we like to get all of the jammers at GGJ excited at the start of the event with our annual keynote. We find speakers who will inspire everyone to pull together for the weekend and go that extra mile to get something really special out of the weekend.

2021 is an exceptional year so we decided to think outside (or maybe inside) the box a little and keep the keynote short but meaningful to the times we are living in, and we are really happy to be able to announce our keynote speaker for this year:

Guy "Yug" Blomberg & The Games Industry Gathering


Guy 'Yug' Blomberg has a 20 year career in the games industry as a developer, journalist, gaming bar owner, and event director. He currently operates the Games Industry Gathering, is a freelance consultant for game funds and and b2b organizations, and has spent most of the pandemic learning new card tricks.

The GIG (Games Industry Gathering) is a virtual networking event created to virtually replicate the experience of connecting with industry friends and strangers in real life. Created as a response to the wave of event cancellation that began in 2020, since its creation the GIG has already gathered close to 3000 members of the games industry from around the world who meet up every Friday of the week to feel connected. One of the priorities of GIG is to create a safe and welcoming space for anyone and everyone in the games industry.