Keeping up with the jam

With so many countries, sites, and online portals to choose from, here are our top picks for where to get involved online over Global Game Jam® weekend.

Twitter: Follow @GlobalGameJam and check out #GGJ16#GGJFood#WhereWillYouJam and your local site's hashtag

Twitch: there are broadcasts beaming from all over the world via our Global Game Jam® Twitch TV Channel 

Radio: we've got tunes and podcasts ready to roll for your listening pleasure

Help: If you get stuck please email [email protected], but understand it's a busy weekend, so ask your friends and site cordinator's for help first. Site Organisers also have access to 

Facebook Page

Facebook Group

Jammers can get in touch with us via #GGJ16 on IRC

If you have any concerns that you would like to lodge, please complete this form and we willl reveiw them as soon as we can.