Kate Edwards transitioning out of ED role; Tim Cullings to serve as Interim ED

The Global Game Jam (GGJ) organization would like to share that GGJ Executive Director Kate Edward is stepping down after almost three years of tireless work to further evolve the GGJ’s operations, expand its reach, and broaden its support of game creators worldwide. Although we are sad to see Kate move on, we are excited to see the growth and opportunity that she has brought to the organization continue to expand into the future.

“Kate has been a transformative leader for the Global Game Jam during her time as executive director. Her accomplishments have carried the GGJ through challenging times, including a successful pivot of the organization’s events from live to virtual and hybrid models during the pandemic,” says Kevin Miklasz, President of the GGJ Board of Directors. “We look forward to seeing what Kate accomplishes in her new endeavors beyond this organization.”

As many may be aware, beyond Kate’s primary role as the GGJ’s Executive Director, she has managed an ongoing game culturalization consultancy for 17+ years and more recently co-founded a start-up called “SetJetters,” a mobile app that empowers fans to find movie and TV filming locations around the world – a hobby Edwards has enjoyed since her teenage years.

Kate conveyed to the GGJ Board that “this decision not because I lack any interest or desire to continue in this role but is simply the result of finding myself being stretched far too thin across three strong passions – the GGJ, my culturalization work, and my new start-up.” She continued, “While I always have and I always will love and support the Global Game Jam and everything it represents, I find myself at a difficult crossroads of having to give up one love for another.” The board has an active search underway for the next Executive Director.

Edwards agreed to serve in the Executive Director role through the end of the Global Game Jam’s 2021-2022 fiscal year and will step down after 31 March 2022. At the request of the board, she has agreed to continue supporting the GGJ as a board member from April 1 2022 onwards. While the board conducts a search for the new Executive Director, Tim Cullins, the current Director of Operations, will act as interim Executive Director starting April 1st. 

Tim is a Seattle video games industry veteran and champion for game development and climate science. In addition to his role at Global game Jam, Tim is also currently the Board President for Seattle Indies and a Board Member for IGDA. Prior to GGJ Cullins was a Systems Engineer at Oculus helping ship everything between Rift and Quest 2. He also helped found GUILD, a support group for indie game developer community organizers, as well as Games For Our Future, a game jam that brings together climate science researchers and game developers to make games about climate change and other social impact related issues.

Tim has been a valuable member of the GGJ community for many years, and we greatly appreciate his willingness to guide us through this period as Kate moves out of the role and we search for the next GGJ leader. The GGJ organization fondly expresses its great thanks to Kate for her leadership and contributions over the last three years.

If interested, please email us a resume and cover letter.