Join us on Twitch for GGJ

In the spirit of creating a truly global and inclusive event Global Game Jam™ will be broadcasting over 50 hours of livestreams from GGJ sites all around the world! We will be streaming through our Twitch channel, so tune into the to see, support, and cheer on near and far. View the full schedule below to see who's streaming when. 

This year we are being hosted by Paul Taylor AKA Dr Black Adder and his stream team down in Melbourne Australia. 

****All times listed in UTC/GMT.****  For time conversion, visit

UTC Day UTC Time Location
Friday 12:00 Egypt Game Jam - ITI/Cairo (Egypt)
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Friday 18:00 SAE Dubai and IN5 Media (UAE)
Friday 19:00 Global Game Jam Namibia (Namibia)
Friday 20:00 Flensburg Technology Center (Germany)
Friday 21:00 To Be Confirmed
Friday 22:00 Staffordshire University (United Kingdom)
Friday 23:00 Lara Global Game Jam (Venezuela)
Saturday 00:00 Global Game Jam Unity Montreal (Canada)
Saturday 01:00 SUNY Morrisville (USA)
Saturday 02:00 UW-Whitewater (USA)
Saturday 03:00 Global Game Jam Honolulu (USA)
Saturday 04:00 IGDA Melbourne (Australia)
Saturday 05:00 Pacific Science Center - AIE Seattle (USA)
Saturday 06:00 AIE Canberra (Australia)
Saturday 07:00 Riga (Latvia)
Saturday 08:00 Tractor Set GO! HQ (Romania)
Saturday 09:00 Egypt Game Jam - ITI/Cairo (Egypt)
Saturday 10:00 Strasbourg - Shadok (France)
Saturday 11:00 Plovdiv Game Jam (Bulgaria)
Saturday 12:00 Global Game Jam Geneva (Switzerland)
Saturday 13:00 Global Spelkollektivet (Sweden)
Saturday 14:00 GENIMAGE Marseille (France)
Saturday 15:00 Global Game Jam UNPaz (Argentina)
Saturday 16:00 FGJ Kajaani (Finland)
Saturday 17:00 Bahcesehir University Game Lab (Turkey)
Saturday 18:00 Bergen Game Jam (Norway)
Saturday 19:00 GGJ 2020 Koblenz im TZK (Germany)
Saturday 20:00 Global Game Jam Antwerp (Belgium)
Saturday 21:00 Big Huge Games (USA)
Saturday 22:00 Genshiken Ginkö (Spain)
Saturday 23:00 APU Games and Interactive Media (USA)
Sunday 00:00 Philly Global Game Jawn (USA)
Sunday 01:00 ggj-2020-igda-slc-at-uvu (USA)
Sunday 02:00 Central Florida GGJ (USA)
Sunday 03:00 GGJ Sacramento (USA)
Sunday 04:00 Pacific Northwest College of Art with The PIGSquad (USA)
Sunday 05:00 Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Querétaro (Mexico)
Sunday 06:00 San Diego Global Game Jam (USA)
Sunday 07:00 XR Pioneer - Shenzhen (Shekou) - (China)
Sunday 08:00 GGJ Regensburg (Germany)
Sunday 09:00 GGJ Malatya (Turkey)
Sunday 10:00 Ljubljana Global Game Jam 2020 (Slovenia)
Sunday 11:00 Wrexham Glyndwr University (United Kingdom)
Sunday 12:00 The Arcade Vaults (United Kingdom)
Sunday 13:00 Global Game Jam Temuco (Chile)
Sunday 14:00 GGJ Curitiba 2020 - PUCPR (Brazil)
Sunday 15:00 Globant - Mar del Plata (Argentina)
Sunday 16:00 LSU Global Game Jam (USA)
Sunday 17:00 Global Game Jam Gran Canaria (Spain)
Sunday 18:00 GIGASEDE México, Centro de Cultura Digital, Complejo Cultural Los Pinos (Mexico)