Join us on Twitch!

In the spirit of creating a truly global and inclusive event Global Game Jam™ will be broadcasting 50 hours of Twitch livestreams from GGJ sites all around the world! Tune into the Global Game Jam channel on Twitch to see, support, and salute jammers near and far. View the full schedule below to see who's streaming when. Along with our central channel, you'll be able to choose locations to watch on Twitch's Global Game Jam Directory throughout the event!

This year we're also showing exciting tutorials, demos, and previews from some of our sponsors, including Unity, Amazon Appstore, Media Molecule, SensoryX, Mapbox, and SideFX. Check in at 5:00 pm UTC/GMT for a live tutorial by Unity to kick our stream off, and stay around to see what jams all over the world are up to.

All times listed in UTC/GMT.

For time conversion, visit

UTC Day UTC Time Location
Friday 17:00 Unity: Livestream tutorial with an introduction by Ciro Continisio
Friday 18:00 Media Molecule
Friday 18:30 Finnish Game Jam - Tampere, FINLAND
Friday 19:00 University of Sunderland - Sir Tom Cowie Campus at St Peter’s - Sunderland, UK
Friday 20:00 SensoryX
Friday 20:15 GGJ @ WERK1 - Munich, GERMANY
Friday 21:00 Global Game Jam Sevilla RES - Seville, SPAIN
Friday 22:00 Mapbox
Friday 22:30 Johannesburg - Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
Friday 23:00 Coatsink Cumbrian Jam - Morland, UK
Saturday 00:00 Finnish Game Jam - Tampere, FINLAND
Saturday 01:00 SideFX
Saturday 01:15 Amazon Appstore
Saturday 01:30 To Be Confirmed
Saturday 02:00 Morrisville State College - New York, NY, USA
Saturday 03:00 Keynote and Theme
Saturday 04:00 Square One Clubs - Sacramento, CA, USA
Saturday 05:00 Melbourne GGJ - Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Saturday 06:00 IGDA Japan - Various Sites, JAPAN
Saturday 07:00 Shenzhen indieSky - Shenzhen, CHINA
Saturday 08:00 GGJ-Monterrey - Monterrey, MEXICO
Saturday 09:00 Haifa Israel - Haifa, ISRAEL
Saturday 10:00 AIE Canberra - Canberra, AUSTRALIA
Saturday 11:00 Plovdiv Game Jam - Plovdiv, BULGARIA
Saturday 12:00 Nairobi Game Jam - Nairobi, KENYA
Saturday 13:00 Edinburgh Global Game Jam - Edinburgh, UK
Saturday 14:00 ITA - Egypt - Giza, EGYPT
Saturday 15:00 Brightup - Khobar, SAUDI ARABIA
Saturday 16:00 Northeastern University - Boston, MA, USA
Saturday 17:00 Hamar GGJ - Hamar, NORWAY
Saturday 18:00 GGJ Malatya - Malatya, TURKEY
Saturday 19:00 Bergen Game Jam - Bergen, NORWAY
Saturday 20:00 Farset Labs - Belfast, UK
Saturday 21:00 Santiago de los Caballeros Global Game Jam - Santiago, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
Saturday 22:00 Global Game Jam Honolulu - Honolulu, HI, USA
Saturday 23:00 PUCPR - Curitiba, BRAZIL
Sunday 00:00 Adelaide GGJ - Adelaide, AUSTRALIA
Sunday 01:00 USU Center for Women and Gender - Logan, UT, USA
Sunday 02:00 Seattle Indies @ Facebook Seattle - Seattle, WA, USA
Sunday 03:00 University of Missouri - St. Louis Information Systems Programming Club - St. Louis, MI, USA
Sunday 04:00 Philly Global Game Jam - Philadelphia, PA, USA
Sunday 05:00 The Art Institute of Portland with The Portland Indie Game Squad - Portland, OR, USA
Sunday 06:00 Brisbane Global Game Jam - Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
Sunday 07:00 To Be Confirmed
Sunday 08:00 GGJ @ WERK1 - Munich, GERMANY
Sunday 09:00 Genshiken Ginkö - Aranda de Duero, SPAIN
Sunday 10:00 Finnish Game Jam - Tampere, FINLAND
Sunday 11:00 Kajaani GGJ - Kajaani, FINLAND
Sunday 12:00 Limoges GGJ - Limoges, FRANCE
Sunday 13:00 Global Game Jam Patras - Patras, GREECE
Sunday 14:00 To Be Confirmed
Sunday 15:00 GGJ @ WERK1 - Munich, GERMANY
Sunday 16:00 Sofia GGJ - Sofia, BULGARIA
Sunday 17:00 IADE - Universidade Europeia - Lisbon, PORTUGAL