Join us on 16 Jan at 12 pm PST on Twitch for the global theme reveal event

It is almost time for the jam to start and the moment we look forward to all year is upon us. The global reveal of this year's theme and keynote videos, which will be taking place on 

Hosted by F. and Gabby Snyder we will be featuring interviews with sponsors, site organizers and jammers from all over the world talking about their communities, the games they have made and how GGJ has had an impact on them and of course the theme reveal video that we are all anxiously awaiting!

The jam officially starts between 20 and 28 January depending on when your local site is starting.

Find one of the over 650 sites around the world and join over 9,000 jammers already registered in 99 countries and come make games with us.

This year we have three different site formats, online, hybird/mixed and the traditional in-person sites so you should be able to find one to join that fits your comfort level and safety regulations in your area with the current situation around the ongoing global pandemic and you are welcome to join online sites anywhere in the world that are accepting non-local jammers.

Register now and jam with us!

Check out the teaser trailer for GGJ 2022 while you wait!