Join GGJ17 on Twitch via our directory page and dedicated channel

We are pleased to announce that Global Game Jam ® will once again have a huge streaming presence on Twitch in 2017.

Our Twitch presence will consist of a dedicated GlobalGameJam channel, showcasing a wide sampling of some of the many highlights of GGJ17 from around the world, plus a consolidated Global Game Jam Twitch directory that will list the Twitch stream of every registered GGJ17 site around the world.

The dedicated GGJ17 Twitch channel will be hosted by Twitch broadcasters from around the world, and you could be one of them! We are currently on the lookout for passionate, engaging hosts for our channel. If you you will be hosting a GGJ17 broadcast and want to spend an hour or two featured on the official GGJ17 channel, fill in this form to register your interest.

There will be a lot more happening on Twitch than just the official channel, however. GGJ17 sites all around the world will be broadcasting, and there will be an easy way to find all of them. Every site stream that registers with us will be listed on a single convenient directory page where anyone can tune in and find out what jammers are getting up to from New Zealand to Iceland. Registration is easy: just type in “Global Game Jam” as the game you are playing on your stream and Twitch will do the rest.

Will your GGJ17 site have a Twitch stream? It has never been easier to broadcast your jammers’ amazing creations to the world, even if you have never used Twitch before. Below this article you will find detailed instructions to help you get up and running, along with instructions on how to have your channel listed on the GGJ17 directory and how to adhere to our content guidelines.

We look forward to seeing you on Twitch!

Guide for setting up your stream

To get your site broadcasting you will need:

A computer to stream from, preferably one not being used for any other tasks

A suitable camera to capture video for your stream

Broadcasting software to stream your video feed to the world

A reasonably fast and reliable internet connection

A Twitch account

A connection to your closest Twitch server

The GGJ17 and Twitch codes of conduct


The recommended specs for a streaming computer are as follows:

CPU: Intel Core i5-4670 or AMD Equivalent (use this tool to compare your CPU)


OS: Windows 7 or later

GPU should support DirectX 10 and up

If you can, we recommend that you have a computer set aside exclusively for streaming. If your computer doesn’t have to share resources among multiple tasks, you will produce a smoother, higher quality video feed.


The Logitech C920 is the most widely-used webcam by Twitch broadcasters. For streamers using a camera with an HDMI connection, we recommend the Magewell USB 3.0 dongle.

Broadcasting software

To broadcast to Twitch, you'll need broadcasting software. This is the program that will encode video and audio information from your camera feed and send it to Twitch for broadcasting. There are several software solutions to choose from, including:

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) - free, open source

XSplit - basic version free, paid subscription for more features

FFSplit - free

Gameshow - commercial, flat fee to own

You can visit the Twitch website for in-depth setup guides for each of these products, and to get a sense of which one will best suit your site’s needs. Once you have your software, spend some time getting to know it. Play with the settings, and run some test streams and ask for volunteers to watch it and give feedback on the video and audio quality. Don’t leave your stream setup until the first day of the jam only to find that something isn’t working!

Internet connection

Venue bandwidth: For a smooth stream, 5 Mb/s upload is recommended, and if possible it should be an isolated connection that is not impacted by traffic from other users. If you notice that your streaming software is dropping frames at any point, consider lowering the video quality.

Twitch account

Of course, you’ll need a Twitch account to actually start streaming. Once you've signed up, visit your dashboard or channel page to enable your account for broadcasting. If you can, consider dressing your page up with beautiful assets and information about yourself to engage with your viewers.

Register for the GGJ17 directory page

In order to be featured on the Global Game Jam® directory, you will need to set the “game title” field on your Twitch channel to “Global Game Jam”. Once you have done this, the Twitch system will automatically add you to the GGJ17 directory page. It’s like magic!

Twitch server

It is usually best to connect to the ingest server closest to your venue, but you can use this online tool to test the reliability and speed of your connection to your closest Twitch servers.

Link your GGJ site page to your stream

Be sure to set the “Live stream link” on your GGJ17 site page to the URL of your Twitch stream page. This way, anybody visiting your page will be able to easily find your stream.

Code of conduct

Before starting your stream, please read the GGJ inclusiveness policy and code of conduct and adhere to them at all times during broadcast. These documents exist so that everybody can have an enjoyable and safe game jam, so any site broadcast that breaches them may be removed from the directory without warning. You will also need to adhere to Twitch’s own terms of service and rules of conduct.