View the GGJ "Ask Me Anything" Session from 5 July

You’re invited to an AMA!

Live on Zoom on Sunday, 5 July, the Global Game Jam board hosted an Ask Me (or rather Us) Anything live on Zoom at 12:00 (noon) Los Angeles / 20:00 London / 5:00 Tokyo. We picked times which were late for Europe and early for Asia/Pacific, but we are happy to have feedback on this moving forward as this will be the first of many such AMAs, aiming to conduct them quarterly.

We appreciate everyone who was able to attend and hearing all your questions and feedback to the board. If you were not able to attend, click below to access the video of the session.

Click here to access the YouTube link! 

For this AMA and all future ones, by clicking on the Zoom link and participating in the AMA, you are consenting to this recording.

AMA Code of Conduct

We trust that our community of global jammers probably doesn’t need a code of conduct for this event, but because this is the internet, we have set the following rules in place. By clicking on the Zoom link you agree to follow the following rules:

  • The Global Game Jam Code of Conduct must be followed to the letter. We will not tolerate language which is abusive, ableist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, or otherwise descriminatory against a particular group or person. 
  • Respect is paramount. In order to have a discussion that’s meaningful and impactful, everyone must respect each other.
  • This is a forum to discuss issues pertaining to the Global Game Jam, not personal ones pertaining to specific individuals.