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Jammer registrations are open for GGJ 2024!

GGJ Logo with Global Game Jam text and dates of 22-28 January 2024

The time you have been waiting for all year is finally here!

Register now to join a jam site in your area and be a part of Global Game Jam®️ 2024, the world's largest annual game creation event!

Join the GGJ Discord and stay in the know about everything going on and coming up with GGJ 2024! Meet jammers and organizers from around the world, network with your peers, and post and look for jobs. It is a thriving community of past, present, and future leaders of the GGJ community and we are excited for you to join us there.

We had over 7,600 games created at GGJ 2023 and we expect even more fun games this year when the jam to starts on 22 January 2024!


If you don't find a site near you you can still register to host one or talk to your local site leaders to see if they have registered their site yet.

Our Regional Organizer team is hard at work going approving site applications that are coming in at a record setting pace so check back regularly to see if new sites have been added in your area.

You can also register to join a virtual or hybrid site if they allow people from outside of their geographic location to participate and meet new friends from all over the world to work with at the jam.

We hope you will join us all day on Friday 8 December 2023 for the Stronger Together in Games streaming event to help boost GGJ, Take This, IGDA, IGDA Foundation, Women in Games International, Game to Grow. It will be a full day of fun, fundraising, and support for one another as we navigate some trying times in the games industry. We'll be live across the streaming platforms of all of these fine organizations.