Jammer registration is now open for 2020!

Get ready jammers! The time has come for signing up to those early bird sites! Get in early and get a spot secured at your favourite jam site.

Site registration is open until early January, and sites can take up to three weeks to process and approve. As a result not all sites will currently be live and online yet (we are expecting around 880 sites in total this year), so if there is no site listed near you yet, hang in there and keep checking back as we have new sites being approved every day.

If there is no site near you right now, check out the 2019 sites listings to see if there was one near you last year. If there was then hold tight and see if it appears over the next few weeks.

If there was no site near you last year, why don’t you consider running a small GGJ site in your area… it is not as hard as you think!

All you need to run Global Game Jam is: some dedicated secure space for your jammers to feel comfortable in, a reliable internet connection, and an organiser willing to follow a few GGJ rules. If you have that, then you could set up something new in your town/city/village/island/school/community!

Find out more about running a site in our FAQ, and our more detailed GGJ Site Organiser Manual. Or if you’re ready to apply, head on over to our site application form to get started. Once your application has been submitted, your local Regional Organiser should be in touch within the next week to process your application.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

Looking forward to seeing you all for another year of jam!


Lots of Love from the GGJ Team.