Introducing the 2020 Executive Committee

The 2020 edition of Global Game Jam® is taking place on the 31st January - 2nd of February 2020. We want to introduce you to the Executive Committee, the core volunteer team at the heart of the jam who will be looking after you and helping you out with all your needs this year.

jo Jo Summers - Executive Producer (UK) has been involved with GGJ for 5 years, and returns for a third year as the Executive Producer. Over the past twelve years she has produced community technology events, including Hackathons, Barcamps, Maker Faires and videogame parties, and has spoken at a number of conferences about game creation as a creative pursuit, and how to support and encourage diversity in game making. She can't wait to see what you all make together for the 2020 event!
Sabrina Sabrina Culyba (USA) is a game designer who specializes in creating transformational and innovative, interactive games. She has worked on a wide range of experiences, including mobile games, theme park rides, MMOs, animatronics, & toys. She also is the author 'The Transformational Framework'. Since the start of GGJ, she's been steadily collecting roles, starting out as a jammer then progressing to Site organizer in Pittsburgh, PA, and then Regional Organizer for the USA. She will be leading on the Regional Organiser coordination project for 2020.
johnson Jung-Sheng (also known as Johnson Lin) (Taiwan) started building indie dev community in Taiwan since 2011, and is currently the point of contact for IGDA Taiwan chapter. With help from passionate friends, his team organized and promoted game jams regularly since 2012, and the scene in Taiwan grew considerably after that. He usually helps with Traditional Chinese translation efforts for Global Game Jam and other events such as IndieCade. He also co-organizes Taipei Game Developers Forum.
Gwen Gwen Foster (Philippines) is a game developer based in the Philippines. A board member for IGDA PH - Manila Chapter, and director of local game showcase called Indie Fiesta. She loves penguins and cats, and helps to champion the local developer scene to give independent developers better exposure and publicity on the global stage.
hernan Hernán Valdés (Venezuela/Japan) has been around the Global Game Jam since 2009. Starting as a jammer he later hosted instances of the event across multiple locations in Latin America while volunteering for the role of organizer in that region. He currently works as VR developer in Valparaiso Chile. Feeling a innate passion for audiovisual arts and technology he continues to promote the Global Game Jam spirit around the world.
Tim Tim Cullings (USA) is a Systems Engineer at Oculus by day, the President of Seattle Indies, and a member of the Board for the Seattle Chapter of IGDA in his spare time, helping to build community and organize events for game developers in the Seattle area. Tim has a focus on game jams for Seattle Indies having hosted multiple Global Game Jams and a few others throughout the year and he is the co-founder of Games For Our Future, an initiative to bring game developers and researchers together to tackle important topics like climate change and mental health via annual game jams.
Elif Elif Karaata (Turkey) is a game designer and developer who has been in the industry for over 10 years. She has worked in a wide range of projects including mobile and PC games as well as educational applications and advergames. She has been involved in GGJ since 2009, as site organiser, regional organiser, mentor and jammer. She has been supporting the game industry in Turkey by giving lectures, mentoring game developers, promoting diverse and healthy teams, organising events and gatherings in roles such as the program manager of pre-incubation center ATOM and as the operational director of Game Developers Association of Turkey (TOGED).

More exciting announcements in store very soon.