Introducing the 2019 Theme committee

As you all should know by now, the GGJ theme is a closely guarded secret which must only be spoken of once Hawaii starts jamming.

What you might not know is that we have a fantastic team of people working really hard to come up with the perfect theme for GGJ every year. They spend months looking for just the right balance of something which will inspire creativity, thoughtful reflection and expression as well as something which will work across both culture and language.

This year, we would like to introduce you to the following folks who make up the GGJ19 theme committee:

Daniel Linssen - Australia

Daniel really enjoys making small games that explore interesting mechanics or aesthetics. He has made around 30 or so games, many of them tiny experimental things (like Walkie Talkie). For his own creative projects he has mostly worked by himself, but for the last two years also working at a small mobile game studio.

Gwen Guo - Singapore

Gwen is a sound designer and co-founder of Imba Interactive, as well as chairperson of local non-profit games association, Singapore Games Guild. She has participated at GGJ sites in both Singapore and Taiwan. She loves participating in game jams outside of her own country as she gets to work with people from different cultures and languages. Her team is currently working on multiple projects from all over the world and she also organises community events in her spare time.

Kaermack Polewska - Canada

Kaermack has been developing games since he was 13 years old, and has never stopped since. He believes games have a positive impact on the daily lives of everyone. He spent 6 years as Game Designer for Ubisoft Montreal, and learnt a lot, but wanted to explore games on a more personal level. He is now working with Lucky Hammers developing Location-Based VR games, and teaching Game Design at Dawson College. He also finds the time to work on his personal games projects, and help with local community for events. He has been involved in some way with GGJ since 2012,

Laura E. Hall - USA (Theme Committee Producer)

Laura is interested in puzzles, environmental narrative, player behavior. She designs mostly physical games, sometimes that looks like cards, running around in fields, alt control objects, ephemera-based storytelling, puzzle objects, or escape the room games. She has participated in GGJ for many years, and making games every year was how she learned how to scope projects and produce demo versions of work. She also wrote the Katamari Damacy book for Boss Fight Books, and serves on the board for the Portland Indie Game Squad (PIGSquad).

Lujan Oulton - Argentina

Lujan is a video games curator, specialising in playful media, experimental & art games. She has been been running “Game on! El arte en juego” (an experimental and art games exhibition) in Argentina since 2009. She is a strong advocate for women in games and for the exploration of video games within the art field. She has organised game jams exploring non-conventional subjects such as altctrl, an education sex-jam, diversity and personal games.

Mattias Ljungström - Sweden/Germany

Mattias has been running a small game studio, Space of Play, in Berlin since 2009, making Spirits (2011), and Future Unfolding (2017). Lately, he has been freelancing on various projects in and out of games, while coming up with ideas for his next project. He is really interested in physics/simulation based puzzle games.

Pritika Sachdev - Australia

Pritika is a community manager who adores character based narratives, interactive fiction and storytelling. She loves writing and telling stories, and believes that extends to how developers engage with their players. She has worked in all sorts of areas of games, from 3D artist to producer, and is currently the social media manager for CheckPoint, a non-profit with a focus on how videogames are good for mental health. Outside of work, Pritika has a passion for video games academia, specifically within feminine and character representation within games.

Rex Crowle - UK

Rex likes to make games that encourage others to become more creatively-open and make their own games and to play a bit more with the world around us. He is from an art background and worked in TV and animation before tumbling into games and working at Lionhead Studios, and then helped with the founding of Media Molecule.  At MM he did art, design and general tone and vibes of the studio/games, as well as directing a couple of games. He is now having a break from studio-life and making an indie crowdfunded game called “Knights And Bikes” about two girls cycling around an English island looking for treasure and learning about life and friendship.

Shalev Moran - Israel/Denmark

Shalev is a game designer and curator. He is the Games Program Curator for Print Screen Festival since 2013. He currently studies at the Game Design Masters programme at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, after graduating from Tel Aviv University's Honors Programme in the Humanities and Arts. In the past he was a lecturer at Shenkar College’s Game Center, a game designer at Plarium, and a journalist (Israeli Channel 10, Time Out Tel Aviv, Nana10). He has participated in GGJ since 2013.