Throughout the year, Global Game Jam® partner up with a number of conferences to offer free and reduced price tickets to exciting events across the globe to our community with our exciting scholars
Jammers have put down their keyboards, pens and paper. They have stopped eating pizza. Even the organisers have had a chance to get some sleep.
The Global Game Jam 2019 has now started in all sites around the world, which means we can finally announce to the public this year's theme, which is..  
Global Game Jam® 2019 is a non-profit volunteer-run event with a single goal: to bring together people all over the world to have a great time making innovative games.
In the spirit of creating a truly global and inclusive event Global Game Jam™ will be broadcasting over 50 hours of livestreams from GGJ sites all around the world!
So it begins! Being the earliest time zone to hit the line, jamming sites in New Zealand mark the official starting point of Global Game Jam 2019.
Get ready, Global Game Jam 2019 is just hours away! To many of us Global Game Jam has become a long awaited event. What a better way to start a brand new year? 
Once again we have wracked our brains and developed some excellent community submission to create the 2019 GGJ Diversifier list!
Hello Global Game Jam® Organisers!
Each year we like to get all of the jammers at GGJ excited at the start of the event with our annual keynote.
Global Game Jam is fast approaching, with just 6 weeks to go until we are all getting ready to jam. But what exactly is Global Game Jam?? 
As you all should know by now, the GGJ theme is a closely guarded secret which must only be spoken of once Hawaii starts jamming.
Your Regional Organiser (RO) team are back and ready to help! 
We are extremely happy to announce the return of the Global Game Jam scholarship program, kicking off with an official partnership with the GDC conference, we are able to offer 25 "Conference + Sum
It is that time of year again! Preparations are underway for the 11th annual Global Game Jam 2019!
The first edition of GGJ NEXT took place throughout the month of July 2018.