How to Jam with Tobii

Tobii Tech's goal is to work with developers and find games all around the world that are conducive to eye tracking. Tobii Eye Tracking is a groundbreaking additional input device, complementing the keyboard/mouse/gamepad and providing an enhanced gameplay experience!

Jammers with Tobii eye-trackers at their jam are encouraged to download the SDK before jam starts. You can download it here. 

The Tobii diversifier is:

Beyond the doors of perception (Tobii Sponsored) 
Use Tobii's eye tracking device to extend your player's view in-game and break the 4th wall! Jammers can incorporate Extended View, Awareness or both effects into their game. - Design, Code 

Find out more about extending your player's view in-game here and here, and awareness here.

After GGJ, Tobii will be reviewing all games that have the Tobii Diversifier, and choosing a select few that they will post on their site with links to GGJ for download.  Games that include Extended View, and or Awareness that complement the keyboard/mouse/gamepad as an additional input device, will have the best chances of being selected!

We're super pleased to have Tobii as a headline sponsor, and love that it means there's over 200 sites with eye-tracking hardware to jam with. We're looking forward to see what you create with this exciting new hardware.

For further documentation on developing with the eye tracker, visit the developer information page and check out this video.