Global Game Jam Stories now available

After a long time of reaching out for stories from around the world, Global Game Jam has produced a book ‘Global Game Jam Stories’ edited by Lindsay Grace and Susan Gold, and collected from many contributions of the GGJ community.

Lindsay led the project on putting the book together. When asked about the process of making the book, he said: “The charm of the book is the way in which each individual story weaves a sense for the entire Global Game Jam community. Some of the stories are funny, some are sad, but each is about individual actions contributing to something larger. It's amazing to see the common threads in both photos and stories across continents.“

Support GGJ by buying the book here (this is the site we get the most % from)

If you are outside the USA or Europe, you might not be able to buy from the above site, so you can also find the paperback on Amazon here (but please buy from the link above if you can!).

Got a story or poster you would like to submit for the next book? We would love to hear from you! Submit stories for consideration here. Submit posters here (link to follow soon!).

Susan, who also helped to edit the book together, says “Many memories are formed at GGJ every year. I am so glad we are getting a chance to share some of them. There will be new stories, relationships and opportunities at every jam. We can't wait to hear your stories.”

Many thanks to all of our contributors:
Michael Straeubig, Corey Jeffers, Ciro Durán, Kosuke Kaneko, Montreal Tech Watch, Ciro Constonision, Chris Sanyk, Piotrek Bodera, James Barnard, Giorgio Pomettini, Jung-Sheng Lin, Marina Berardi, Thierry Brochart, Hsiao Wei (Michelle) Chen, Eduardo Ramírez, Amélia Chavot, Patryk Gałach, Sithe Ncube,  Alonso Cana, Digital Art Kaohsiung United Office, interNerdtion, Sadia Bashir, Mohamed Esmat Hamdy Lotfy, Bruno Campagnolo De Paula, Ashley Brown, Ryan Odylon Rondon, Xavier Naze, Vincent Dominic Pa'ez Layog.