Global Game Jam NEXT 2018 Roundup

The first edition of GGJ NEXT took place throughout the month of July 2018. We wanted to be able offer a jamming event for 12-17 year olds, so we teamed up with educational institutions from 20 different countries in order to run the first ever GGJ NEXT!

Roughly 800 students participated over the month, learning technical skills and game design through jamming together, They worked together to make a game around the theme: ‘Fractals’. Our aim was to inspire children to be creative and confident, as well as getting them excited about the idea of the game jam events and culture.

In addition to the jam, we had a dedicated team of volunteers put together a game design curriculum for educators, allowing them to get the training they needed to be able to run a jam or game development training course for students. Anyone can sign up and access the curriculum for free on the GGJ NEXT Website. We have plans to develop this further in the coming months to cover more topics.

Instead of uploading their games and source code, we had the jammers make ‘Let’s Play’ type videos of the games they created. Check out one of our favorites below, taken from the GAMEscola site in Curitiba, Brazil. You can check out the other videos on each site page on the GGJ NEXT jam map.

If you are interested in getting involved in GGJ NEXT for 2019, sign up to our newsletter or follow our twitter account. Site applications will open in March 2019.