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The Global Game Jam Community Spotlight: Sticky Biscuits

Community Spotlight Sticky Biscuits, Global Game Jam

The Global Game Jam Community Spotlight tells stories from the amazing people who participate in GGJ in one way or another.

Sticky Biscuits is a friend group of games industry professionals who jam together 💜


"Hello everyone! We are a group of friends called the Sticky Biscuits. We have been jamming together for 9 years.

We all work professionally in the game industry, but each year we participate in the Global Game Jam to make strange and wonderful games together.

Sticky Biscuits team, Global Game Jam
Sticky Biscuits team

The Global Game Jam is an event that allows us to explore creative, unusual design ideas while enjoying each other’s company. Being around other jammers is always so inspiring and motivating. The Global Game Jam community has such a vibrant, fresh, and supportive vibe, and we really enjoy being around such passionate people.


Our dear friend invited us to our first jam in 2016 in Seattle, Washington. Our organizers were amazing and gave everyone such encouragement and support. We ended up making a game about the rituals one follows in a time of grief. The player character attempts to keep a routine and ensure that everything is in order, but eventually everything falls into chaos. This manifests in crazy ways such as eyeballs popping out of the walls and a bunch of shrimp throwing a party in the toilet. The sheer absurdity of it all became a kind of pattern in our games. I think we realized that we didn’t want to make something conventional or expected. Our jam games are where we can challenge ourselves to see how far we can get and how much we can push ourselves, all while giving ourselves the freedom to have as much fun as we want.


Sticky Biscuits game, Global Game Jam

We’ve been participating in the Global Game Jam ever since. Two of us have moved to the UK, but that hasn’t stopped us from getting together for the jam each year. Last year we hosted a site in Brighton, UK which was so much fun. It was heartening and exciting to contribute to GGJ in this way and see all the games everyone created. I hope that we get to organize a site again!

This year we all travelled to Tokyo, Japan, which was a whole new experience being able to learn about a different culture while jamming together. We made a game where you can tame crows, make treats for them, and get their help to fix up your park. We were inspired by the crows in the area that sounded like they were laughing all the time. Even in our game, they kind of have a mind of their own and end up doing lots of funny things that get in our player character’s way (such as eating our supplies or ruining our cooking). We also included elements of our trip that we loved, such as the garden park near our house and the vending machines that warmed our souls with heated beverages.


Sticky Biscuits game, Global Game Jam


The Global Game Jam provides a place for us to hone our skills while forming deep bonds and new friendships. I’ve learned that each person on our team deeply influences core elements of the game, so the final outcome is a beautiful representation of everyone's love and efforts. It has become a truly special experience that we look forward to and cherish each year.

We recommend participating in the Global Game Jam to anyone who is interested in creating games!"


Sticky Biscuits, Global Game Jam