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Global Game Jam Community Spotlight: Serge Himmelreich


"The palpable sense of collaboration with thousands of fellow creators is truly unforgettable."

Serge Himmelreich is a game designer and indie developer. This is his jam story and greetings to the Global Game Jam community.

"Our team had the exciting opportunity to take part in GGJ 2022, during which the captivating theme of "Duality" was unveiled. This served as the perfect inspiration for our game, aptly named "Don Duality". The ingenious concept of exploring the dual nature within the head of a mafia leader sprang forth from the creative mind of our programmer. As a result of collaborative efforts, we molded this concept into a unique blend: a restaurant card manager intertwined with a gangster shelter.


The project quickly grew in scope, surpassing the constraints of a mere few days of intense development. Yet, undeterred by the challenges, we persevered and successfully crafted a playable version of the game. Our dedication and teamwork allowed us to navigate the intricacies of game development during the jam, and the result was a testament to our passion and adaptability."


Don Duality's core concept revolves around an ironic narrative

"It is a chaos manager game with card mechanics that delves into the intricate life of a mafia. The core concept revolves around an ironic narrative, shedding light on the Don's endeavor to cleanse ill-gotten gains sourced from his gang's endeavors, all under the guise of a seemingly ordinary restaurant.


From one perspective, he embodies the role of a respectable Italian immigrant, basking in the ownership of a bustling and well-reputed eatery. Simultaneously, however, he assumes the mantle of a formidable mafia clan leader, orchestrating ventures in extortion and heists for financial gain. This delicate interplay captures the essence of duality, where contrasting roles and intentions intertwine to create a complex and intriguing storyline."


I wholeheartedly recommend game jam participation

"Above all, the impetus for our venture stemmed from the exhilarating experience of participating in a game jam. The palpable sense of collaboration with thousands of fellow creators is truly unforgettable. Our game's inception was fueled by the intriguing theme that anchored the event.


Once our game was unveiled, the flood of positive feedback served as a rewarding affirmation of our efforts. This positive reception underscored the value of our work and its resonance with players. Reflecting on this journey, I wholeheartedly recommend game jam participation to anyone interested in diving into game development, regardless of their skill level.


Whether you're a newcomer testing the waters or a seasoned developer seeking fresh inspiration, game jams provide an ideal platform for creative expression. The fusion of time constraints, shared enthusiasm, and innovative themes creates an environment ripe for exploration and growth. Indeed, game jams offer an exceptional opportunity to nurture your creative potential!"


Don Duality