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The Global Game Jam Community Spotlight: Collin Lang & Knitwit Studios

GGJ community spotlight Collin Lang

The Global Game Jam Community Spotlight tells stories from the amazing people who participate in GGJ in one way or another.

Collin Lang is a game jammer who established his own game studio⭐

"Hey all, I am Collin, and I am an indie developer and the founder of Knitwit Studios!

I started my game dev journey at the end of 2020 by partaking in various game jams - something I highly recommend all new game makers to do! After making a lot of small games and getting familiar with Unity and GameMaker Studio, I created Knitwit Studios in 2022 and created my first, full-market release game for desktop and mobile: Across-Stitch.


When I started Knitwit Studios, I knew I wanted to make games, but I didn't quite know which one I wanted to make. I knew a game jam would be an inspiring starting point. Around April 2022, the first jam that caught my eye was DeepWell DTx's May Day Mental Health Jam in collaboration with Global Game Jam. It was a fantastic experience, because it was, at the time, the largest scoped game I've ever made on a topic that mattered a lot to me.


Sara of Tonin

The game I submitted with my friend Zach was called Sara of Tonin, and although it didn't place, we were honored that it made it into the final rounds of judging. It was a top-down, Zelda-like adventure game, but instead of a sword, Sara exerted a beam of energy that also depleted her own energy. The player beat the game by defeating the two bosses: overthinking and despair. The idea of a weapon that drained the player's energy was based on Spoon Theory - a metaphor describing a person only having a certain amount of "spoons" (physical and/or mental energy) available for activities. After the jam, I started working on a few game ideas. One of them ended up being Across-Stitch!


Global Game Jam is more than a game jam; it is an active community with so much opportunity and value to gain from.

Their Discord server is a great resource to meet other game makers and stay connected with all of their events! I recommend any new or inspiring game makers to participate in any of their jams or at the very least, join the server and see what's happening. GGJ showed me the value of community, but most importantly, it taught me that not winning a jam does not correlate to failure. I learn a lot from each game I make, and each one is better than the one before it. That is success.

If you would like to know more about me or my other games, please check out! Take care, and Happy 2024!"


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