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The Global Game Jam Community Spotlight: Cat made me do it

Cat made me do it, GGJ24, Community Spotlight, indie game, game jam

The Global Game Jam Community Spotlight tells stories from the amazing people who participate in GGJ in one way or another.

Enthusiastic developer team created an open-world game Cat Made Me Do It for the GGJ24. 🐱

"Hi everyone! My name is Yann Roirand, I currently live in the Greater Paris Area in France,

I'm a Project Manager by trade and also during Game Jams. I've taken part in 37 Game Jams, including 8 GGJs so far, and I put together the team and project that culminated in us making the game "Cat made me do it" during the Global Game Jam 2024."

The team consists of the following folks, let them introduce themselves:


"Hi! I'm Theo Baijot aka "Renardo". My role in the team was 2D artist as well as videographer. I followed Team Choo Choo during the GGJ'24 to make a video of their working process. That Jam was an opportunity for me to introduce myself to the world of video games."


"Hi! My name is Alan and I'm in love with art, and creative activities in all its forms. I'm actually a student in game art, mostly in 3D but I really enjoy 2D as well."


"Hi! I'm François, an Unreal Engine developer, as well as the Unreal Teacher at 3IS. I'm this team's Lead developer."


"I am Guillaume MILLION. I am a student in Game Design and I was one of the Level Designer on the project "Cat made me do it"."


"Hi, I'm Antonin, a composer and sound designer specialized in music for animation and video games!"


"I'm Yann (Kiener), a random guy working in IT because he loved how video games work, and having fun in Game Jams!"


Like a big happy family ggj24


Yann Roirand continues: “I've taken part in the Global Game Jam every year since the 2017 edition. That edition was my 3rd Game Jam ever, I participated at ISART in Paris, and it's that event that made me fall in love with Game Jams. Fun fact, I asked Vanessa if she'd like to go out with me on the Sunday straight out of the event and we've been a couple ever since :-) We've been living together since the summer of 2020. The Global Game Jam is the one Game Jam I won't miss each year, let's see how long I can keep that combo multiplier going!”


Cat made me do it


The GGJ went very well and was a lot of fun. We managed to make a game that we like, even if we didn't manage to do all that we wanted, but that is often the case ha ha ha!  – Alan

I took part in the remote game jam at home on the weekend of January 27th. I'm used to working with this team, so it went really well! We didn't have time to integrate all the great voices Yann had recorded for the main character. But I did have time to do two zone soundtracks. – Antonin

Yann Roirand in my team showed me the way of Game Jam in GGJ, it was awesome! – Yann Kiener


End of Jam presentation, Global Game Jam, France


Yann Roirand: "'Cat made me do it' is a bit special a Global Game Jam game in that technically, it results from a one-year-long project. Let's back up a bit - so, after partaking in the GGJ'21 off-site through a Nantes-based Discord server, I found the C-19 site in Evry for the GGJ'22. I took part as a 2-people team with Yann Kiener, who was my colleague back then, and we created Quantum Playground during that edition - but most importantly, we met François Hoffschir, who was in another team on-site, and the 3 of us got along straight from the get-go.


Throughout the rest of the year, we took up the habit of having a Discord conversation, François & I, once a month or so, during which we'd talk about all things passion and video games - we're both very fond of the GTA franchise, as you may have gathered. And on one such occasion, he sent me a personal project he had been working on over the past few months. I booted up the build, and basically he had recreated a Chinatown Wars-type experience on his own in 3 months using the Unreal Engine - complete with free roaming, stealing cars, buying weapons, and even a variety of story missions. There and then I thought "wait a minute with him in the team, we could make a GTA game over the week-end... " - and that's where the project originated from.


So we were back at the C-19 for the GGJ'23 with an "all stars team" I assembled with François and my best mates from previous Game Jam participation. During that edition, we created Teldrassin, proving we are capable of making an open-world game in 48 hours. At that point we thought "OK, let's have another 5 Game Jams together with the same team this year - each time we'll focus on 1 specific game mechanic, and we'll assemble all those together into a GTA-like game for the GGJ'24!"


After that, in April for the Ludum Dare 53, we created "Deviler", an urban driving tame - then in June we created "John Gyver à la montagne", a 3PS zombie shooter with crafting mechanics - then in August we created "OrganFeast", an isometric easy-to-play brawler where the player cleans out a dark crypt full of priests - then in September for the Ludum Dare 54 we created "Goose Slayer", an FPS boomer shooter infused with our insiders - and in december, we created "the Winter Path", a story-driven turn-based combat and camp management game. François had worked on some of these games post-Jam to polish them up a bit more - he had mixed "Deviler" and "John Gyver à la montagne" together, which took him about a week - and that resulting project is the one we used as a basis for "Cat made me do it" - so just to be fully transparent, indeed "Cat made me do it" represents more than "just one Game Jam's worth of work".


For the GGJ'24 we brainstormed together as a team on the Monday, and we also had additional concept refining sessions on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings through Discord. Then, out of our 10-people team, 4 of us met up at the C-19 on the Friday evening to start the production of the game, with the rest of the team partaking over Discord throughout the week-end.


We really had a ball - the 4 of us on-site wound out pulling an all nighter between Saturday and Sunday during which we had lots of totally unnecessary, totally ridiculous but also totally hilarious ideas - I did a lot of sound recording for the game - we had such a blast and honestly, it reminded me why I Jam in the 1st place: when the stars align, in the right context, team and place, everything flows, I handle 15 things at once and there is no doubt or uncertainty in my mind - I'm just where I'm meant to be and enjoying every precious second of it.


As for the Jam Site, the C-19 is really amazing - it's easy to access through the D rail line on Paris's public transport network, they have an incubator as well and all sorts of related things - big up to Theo and Nassim who organize the GGJ there every year and looking forward to seeing them again for the GGJ'25!"


Panorama, Global Game Jam, France


Our game tells the story of a man who is being the "servant" of his almighty cat. This cat is pretty bored so he tells us to make him laugh a bit, so we travel around the city and we shoot at local gangs and crash into pedestrians, so that the cat on our head can feel a bit better. This game was the end of a bigger project that has been planned, to partake in several game jams throughout the year, build a gameplay mechanic inside each game and try to assemble all of those on our final game jam. So in "Cat made me do it" we used some stuff from the other projects. On that occasion, some of the crew met up at the C-19 in Evry Courcouronnes, one of the many premises worldwide that hosted the GGJ this year.  – Alan

I'm proud of what we created, but I'm frustrated because we didn't take the time to polish our game and we could have made so much more. We had the wrong scope from the beginning.  – Guillaume


Yann Roirand: "The GGJ is an amazing yearly event during which the whole world comes together to create a mind-blowing multitude of varied games, all stemming with the very same concept - such as "Make me laugh", for the latest edition in 2024. It has showed me that creating a game is accessible to any one of us with a computer and one week-end set aside to partake in the event, and that this process is an incredibly fun experience - it's tough, it has its challenges - it's no walk in the park, don't get me wrong - but if you're ready to give it your all, regardless or who you are or your experience level, you should consider giving it a go.


I'd recommend it to any and all creatives, to be honest - obviously profiles such as programmers, graphic artists and sound designers will have an easier time finding a team as their skills are more directly related to the core of a gaming experience - teams essentially composed of Game Designers, writers and the such will struggle to have something to show at the end of the week-end if no one knows how to code amongst them - but even then, with the ever-evolving tools we have access to such as AI and other web-based free solutions, I say give it a go - and then tell us about how it went :-)


What's important to remind newcomers to me is - comparatively to the Ludum Dare community that's champion in this category in this experience - the Global Game Jam community is an inclusive, comforting, constructive and helpful group of people who strives to help everyone - newcomers very much included - have a good time and share a creative and inspiring moment together. Think about the League of Legends or GTA Online communities - well it's the opposite of that ^^"


Alan: "It (GGJ24) was mostly very great moments, with our team, to meet new people, to work on a project during a whole week-end is definitively exciting. Also in terms of skills, I learned new things during each game jam, as well as new ways of doing things. I would recommend that absolutely anyone give game jams a try - regardless of whether you're a beginner or more advanced as far as game creation goes, it will be a great experience for you."

François: "I gained some great friendships."

Guillaume: "I discovered a new role in the industry: producer. I learned the importance of the role we give to each other."

Antonin: "I recommend it to beginners and experienced people alike. If you're a shy person, it's a great way to break the ice quickly and start brainstorming. Not only will you forge great bonds, but you'll also be creating a game from scratch. It's so cool to see all the different skills come together to make one project."


Lots of fun, lots of friendships, and unforgettable moments. I would recommend Global Game Jam to anyone curious enough :)  Greeting to all the Jammers out there - a great big thanks to the organizers who work tirelessly year in, year out so we can have these amazing experiences - thanks to them also for shedding some light on our experience, I hope this is inspiring to you, dear reader - and looking forward to the next one - where I might meet some of you, even - who knows!  – Yann Kiener


Cat made me do it, Global Game Jam

Keep having fun and making great games! :) I hope the GGJ spirit lasts a long time!  – Antonin


Play Cat Made Me Do It -> 

A short behind-the-scenes presentation of team's participation [with english subtitles!] ->