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Global Game Jam 2024: Jammer Survey Data

We asked, you answered: Here's what the community as a collective shared about themselves, their GGJ experience and opinions. 


Global Game Jam 2024 brought together 34,649 Jammers at 796 sites (including online) in 102 countries – for the first time, spanning every all seven continents. During the one-week jam period, which allows sites to choose the most convenient 48-hour jam window for their community, a record 9,964 games were created and uploaded to the GGJ site. But the 2.7 TB of data uploaded to our site wasn't the only data the event generated. At the end of each GGJ, everyone who participates is sent a survey where we ask you to share a bit about yourself, your experience and your input.  


In an effort to strengthen our commitment to disseminate research related to the GGJ to the broader game development community and make data about our organization, jammers and event participations more easily available to anyone interested in this information, we will be releasing a series of posts (as either a news story and/or linked on our research page), visualizations and additional reports over the coming months sharing the data we’ve collected from jammers, site organizers, regional organizers and additional internal data. The collective data covers general demographics as well as community thoughts on topics ranging from event organization to the use of AI tools and technology within GGJ.


As the first of these posts, this initial data is presented without analysis or agenda beyond sharing the insights we’ve gotten from you – the community – with you. More on the methodology can be found at the end of the post. (Totals may not equal 100% due to rounding.)




  • Woman: 21%
  • Man: 71%
  • Non-Binary: 5%
  • Prefer not to say: 3 %



  • 23 and Under: 46%
  • 24-30: 27%
  • 30-39: 21%
  • 40+: 6%



  • No formal schooling: <1%
  • Primary or Middle school: 3%
  • High School Graduate or the equivalent: 21%
  • Some college credit, no degree: 21%
  • Associate degree: 6%
  • Bachelor's degree: 33%
  • Master's degree: 12%
  • Professional degree/doctorate degree: 4%


Games Background

Work Practice as Related to Games

  • Hobbyist: 27%
  • Student: 35%
  • Independent (1 person band): 16%
  • Small company (less than 10): 11%
  • Medium company (less than 50): 4%
  • Big company (more than 50): 4%
  • Other: 3%


Skill Level (Self-Identified) 

  None New/Learning Comfortable

Shipped Game

(Not Primary Role)

Shipped Game

(Primary Role)

Art Production

25% 33% 33% 4% 4%
Audio Production 49% 31% 16% 2% 1%
Game Design 11% 39% 38% 7% 5%
Game Production 17% 39% 33% 7% 5%
Programming 18% 27% 38% 6% 11%
Writing 29% 34% 31% 3% 3%


Game Jam Experience

Number of Game Jams Participated In

  • First time: 37%
  • Second game jam: 18%
  • 3-5 game jams: 24%
  • 6-9 game jams: 11%
  • 10+game jams: 10%


Number of Global Game Jam® (GGJ) Events Participated In

  • First time: 58%
  • 2 GGJ events: 19%
  • 3-5 GGJ events: 15%
  • 6-9 GGJ events: 6%
  • 10+ GGJ events: 2%


What was your connection to your GGJ 2024 team?

  • I work or jammed before with almost everyone on the team: 28%
  • I knew all or almost everyone on the team: 26%
  • I knew half of my team and met the other half at GGJ: 21%
  • I had never met my team members before GGJ: 25%


Would you participate in GGJ again?

Yes:  82%

Probably:  16%

No:  2%


Submitted at least one game project during GGJ

  • Yes: 92%
  • No: 8%


Used a Diversifier

  • Yes: 41%
  • No: 59%


Game Engine Used

  • Unity: 62%
  • Unreal: 9%
  • Godot: 7%
  • .NET 4%
  • GameMaker: 2%
  • Other: 16%



Site Location

  • My site was based in Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom or United States: 39%
  • My site was based in a different country than listed above: 58%
  • I did not attend an official GGJ location: 3%


There should be an online option to participation in GGJ (in addition to in-person options).

  • Strongly Agree: 38%
  • Agree: 37%
  • Undecided: 12%
  • Disagree: 5%
  • Strongly Disagree: 4%
  • N/A: 4%


My site has accessibility options (e.g. captioning, sign language interpreters, assistance with internet access, etc.)

  • Yes: 59%
  • No: 41%



Current feelings on AI

  • I haven't thought much about it: 10%
  • I am completely against anyone using AI in GGJ: 14%
  • I am completely OK with anyone using AI in GGJ: 27%
  • I have mixed opinions about using AI in GGJ: 33%
  • I have a comment that goes beyond multiple choice options: 16% *

*We received 429 comments re: AI. Of that sentiment, 18% were in favor, 6% were against and 72% were somewhere in between, e.g. OK with some AI tools/platforms, but against others; ethical questions/implications; not personally in favor of using, but didn't think it should be banned, etc. (Another 3% was N/A.) We know this is a major topic of discussion within our community, and it's one we will be engaging with you much more deeply about in the coming months - beyond just the quick-hit data from these three survey questions.  


Your site allowed used of AI

  • Yes: 70%
  • No: 30%


Your team used AI

  • Yes: 18%
  • No: 82%


What’s this based off? (Methodology)

Data is from optional post-event survey responses sent to all GGJ participants using the emails of registration, resulting in 3,578 total responses. This number represents a participant response rate of just over 10% and is more than substantial enough to be considered a statistically valid sample size. We recognize that volunteer samples are not always random. The survey was structured as a 28-question survey, with some items assessing satisfaction across multiple topics. All questions were optional. As a result, individual question response rates varied from 99% to 75% response rates per item with a drop-off in responses, largely correlated to question order (i.e. questions toward the end of the survey had lower response rates than questions asked earlier).