The Global Game Jam’s Position on the US President's “Muslim Ban” Executive Order

The Global Game Jam was founded to bring people together worldwide through the shared joy of game creation. All of our locations during that one weekend, share the same struggle, enjoyment, excitement, and sleeplessness. We are active in 100 countries and growing.

The recent executive order signed by President Trump on Jan. 27, 2017 goes deeply against our values. This executive order will significantly impact the Global Game Jam. It has already caused strife for jammers worldwide, as it means many will not be able to obtain visas and attend our gatherings in the U.S. Game creators express themselves and their narratives through the games they make, and this action by the President will inevitably cause some narratives to be left forever unplayed.

We are against an executive order that seeks to exclude and unfairly scrutinize innocent individuals based on their religion and national origin. We will do what we can as the Global Game Jam to continue connecting people and uplifting expression from all over the world.

While we work on an organizational level to bring together the world’s jammers, we ask all jammers to reach out on a personal level. Create with one another, make games with one another, play games with one another. Connect with art and interactivity. Break down the walls and borders. Explore the narrative, gameplay, and teamwork of those outside of your immediate community. We are game makers and game players, and we are all together in this.



Global Game Jam Board of Directors