Each year we like to get all of the jammers at GGJ excited at the start of the event with our annual keynote.
Global Game Jam is fast approaching, with just 6 weeks to go until we are all getting ready to jam. But what exactly is Global Game Jam?? 
As you all should know by now, the GGJ theme is a closely guarded secret which must only be spoken of once Hawaii starts jamming.
Your Regional Organiser (RO) team are back and ready to help! 
We are extremely happy to announce the return of the Global Game Jam scholarship program, kicking off with an official partnership with the GDC conference, we are able to offer 25 "Conference + Sum
It is that time of year again! Preparations are underway for the 11th annual Global Game Jam 2019!
The first edition of GGJ NEXT took place throughout the month of July 2018.
After a long time of reaching out for stories from around the world, Global Game Jam has produced a book ‘Global Game Jam Stories’ edited by Lindsay Grace and Susan Gold, and collected from many co
The 2019 edition of Global Game Jam™ approaches on the 25-27 January 2019, so it is time again to introduce the Executive Committee who will be looking after you all this year.
The International Conference on Game Jams, Hackathons, and Game Creations Events is proud to announce Annakaisa Kultima as the chair for our 2019 conference.
We're hiring a Webmaster & Technology Manager! Come work for Global Game Jam Inc!
We are proud to announce our ICGJ 2018 keynote speakers, Andy Phelps and Mia Consalvo.
Jammers have put down their keyboards, pens and paper. They have stopped eating pizza. Even the organisers have had a chance to get some sleep.
Here at GGJ HQ we love seeing all the wonderful posters you make for your jam sites. It really brings lots of colour and more creativity to your event. 
Happy 10th anniversary, Global Game Jam! Amazon Appstore is excited to be part of this year’s jam, and we can’t wait to showcase exceptional games from sites around the world.
The Global Game Jam 2018 has now started in all sites around the world, which means we can finally announce to the public this year's theme, which is...