Your Regional Organiser (RO) team is even bigger for 2020, and have all been working very hard behind the scenes to get jam sites all over the world processed and approved for the upcoming jam! 
Global Game Jam spoke to Pritika Sachdev who as well as being part of our theme committee this year, also works as a Community Manager at CheckPoi
The 2020 edition of Global Game Jam® is taking place on the 31st January - 2nd of February 2020.
We are delighted to announce the GGJ Accessibility Fund for GGJ 2020.
We are extremely happy to announce that we are again partnering with GDC 2020 and are able to offer 25 "Core + Summits" passes to our jammers, organisers, and volunteers!
Get ready jammers! The time has come for signing up to those early bird sites!
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We have not one, but TWO amazing fundraisers happening in October. Check them out and help support GGJ in the process!
Applications to run a GGJ 2020 jam site are now open!  Help us make the 12th Global Game Jam the biggest and best yet! This year the jam will take place on 31 January - 02 February 2020. 
Exciting news for GGJ today as we announce the appointment of games industry veteran Kate Edwards as the new Executive Director for the organisation!
The Global Game Jam is seeking an Executive Director (ED) to oversee its operations and programs, while developing its strategy and guiding its growth.The ED is the key management leader for the Gl
Throughout the year, Global Game Jam® partner up with a number of conferences to offer free and reduced price tickets to exciting events across the globe to our community with our exciting scholars
Jammers have put down their keyboards, pens and paper. They have stopped eating pizza. Even the organisers have had a chance to get some sleep.
The Global Game Jam 2019 has now started in all sites around the world, which means we can finally announce to the public this year's theme, which is..  
Global Game Jam® 2019 is a non-profit volunteer-run event with a single goal: to bring together people all over the world to have a great time making innovative games.
In the spirit of creating a truly global and inclusive event Global Game Jam™ will be broadcasting over 50 hours of livestreams from GGJ sites all around the world!