GGJ20 is nearly here!

Get ready, Global Game Jam 2020 is just hours away!

To many of us Global Game Jam has become a long awaited event. What a better way to start a brand new year? 

Plenty of new ideas, new friends and perhaps most important: a chance to express ourselves doing something we love.

You have 48 hours of intense hard work ahead of you, nobody told this would be easy. And for that reason you need to prepare yourself to face such a challenge. Here are a few tips you should check before heading to your jam site:

1. Take a look at the Jam Dashboard containing handy information for during the jam. Also take a look at the list of resources we have put together containing a bunch of cool tools you may have not tried before. 

2. Keep taking care of yourself in mind, and have a read of our tips on looking after your mental health at GGJ

3. If you plan to spend the night be sure to prepare the basic items such as toothbrush, towel and deodorant. As well as everything you might need to get a relatively comfortable rest. Avoid sleeping on chairs or over the floor, remember you will need to recover some strenght to make it through the weekend. Check out this 'guide written by the internet' for first time jammers.

4. Be sure to pack your full gear and even those extra items you don't think you will need: spare cables, midnight snack, phone charger, headphones, sharpies, favourite teddy bear.

5. And last but not least please take a few minutes to review our code of conduct. The Global Game Jam Community is based on human values so we hope to bring an enjoyable, inclusive and friendly atmosphere to each and every jam site around the world.

With that in mind get ready for yet another instance of these wonderful 48+ hours of creative freedom.

Yours in Jam.