GGJ17 site registration closes this week

Have you been planning to register a jam site for Global Game Jam ® 2017 but haven’t quite gotten into gear yet? Well, it’s time to get moving: registrations for sites close at the end of this week. Head on over to our online form and get your site registered ASAP!

Over 500 sites have already registered with us, hailing from 84 countries across every populated continent on earth. (No news on a site in Antarctica as yet, but you never know!)

GGJ17 will kick off in New Zealand on the evening of Friday January 20, 2017 and will wrap up in Hawaii on Sunday January 22, meaning that our 48 hour jam will actually run for about 70 hours in total.

We would love your local region to be part of this truly global event, so please get your jam site registered as soon as you can.

If you’re not a site organiser but simply want to turn up and jam, you can find a list of jam sites near you on the GGJ website. Every site has different deadlines, and some are already full, so make sure you find the best site for you as early as you can and let them know you want to jam with them.