GGJ Site Accessibility Fund 2021

We are delighted to announce the GGJ Accessibility Fund for GGJ Online 2021.

Approved sites can apply for a small grant of up to $500 (USD) to help make your site accessible to more people.

Your site can apply for funds where they can directly be used for improving the accessibility and enabling more jammers to attend to make games.

Here are some examples of direct improvements for GGJ Online:

  • Support with supplying mobile data for you or your jammers
  • Hiring of sign language interpreters, translators, or implentation of closed caption systems
  • Better technical equipment for you or your jammers
  • Support with purchasing requied software for site access or game making
  • Support with mental health resources

If you have another need that is not described above, but would make your site open to more people, please do submit an application. This year is very different, so if you have ideas on how to improve accessability for online jammers, we would love to hear it.

Applications must be made by the named site organiser, and their site must have been approved by their regional organiser. If you are a jammer with support needs who wants to attend your local site, you must apply through your local organiser. If you need help to start this conversation, email us at [email protected]

For the best chance of receiving the grant you will need to illustrate the following in your application:

  • The reason you would like the grant, and how it would make your site more accessible for jammers.
  • The amount you would need to make the request happen
  • Any risks around the project
  • Agreement to follow up on the project with a small report/email about how the funds helped your site

To apply, fill in this application form as soon as possible. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. No more applications will be considered after the 22nd of January 2021. Applications will be reviewed on the 23rd January, and applicants will be informed about the status of their application on the 24th.

A big thank you to our sponsors who helped to make this fund possible: WB Games and Unity Technologies.