Due to the ongoing global pandemic situation, GGJ Online has been previously announced to take place 27-31 January 2021.
The Global Game Jam is dedicated to being a welcoming place for all jammers.
You’re invited to an AMA!
Black Lives Matter.
We all coexist in a complex world.
The Global Game Jam, Inc. has opened up jam leader and mentor registration for its popular youth-oriented game jam, GGJ NEXT®.
The Global Game Jam, Inc® announced on 1 April its annual board changes, as the original founders, Susan Gold and Gorm Lai, as well as high profile board members, Justin Berenbaum and Alexander Fer
As the world responds to the pandemic outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the Global Game Jam organization h
As the site organisers around the world hang up the keys to the doors of their jam sites for another year, the collectors have come to take away a record number of pizza boxes into the recycling, a
The Global Game Jam 2020 has now started in all sites around the world, which means we can finally announce to the public this year's theme, which is...
Global Game Jam® 2020 is a non-profit volunteer-run event with a single goal: to bring together people all over the world to have a great time making innovative games.
Here we go! So it begins! New Zealand once again kick off official GGJ start time for 2020. 
Get ready, Global Game Jam 2020 is just hours away! To many of us Global Game Jam has become a long awaited event. What a better way to start a brand new year? 
In the spirit of creating a truly global and inclusive event Global Game Jam™ will be broadcasting over 50 hours of livestreams from GGJ sites all around the world!
The moment you have all been waiting for! with just over a week to go before the jam begins, we are delighted to bring you the GGJ 2020 Diversifiers!
Your Regional Organiser (RO) team is even bigger for 2020, and have all been working very hard behind the scenes to get jam sites all over the world processed and approved for the upcoming jam!