GGJ Online 2021 Site Registration is Now Open! And welcome Tim Cullings as Director of Operations!

Due to the ongoing global pandemic situation, GGJ Online has been previously announced to take place 27-31 January 2021.

And now, site registration for the GGJ Online event is now open! Please go to this link to register your site:

Individuals who are interested in running a virtual GGJ Online site should apply  as soon as possible. Whether you are a veteran site organizer or new to the activity, we strongly encourage you to review the GGJ Online Manual to better understand the expectations and responsbilities of the role.

Also, the Global Game Jam is very pleased to announce that Seattle video game industry veteran and champion for game development and climate science, Tim Cullings, has joined the GGJ Staff as Director of Operations, replacing Jo Summers who served as the GGJ Executive Producer for over three years.

“We’ve been discussing GGJ Online with our community on social media for a few months already. Given the current global situation, it was really never an ‘if’, it was a ‘when’ and ‘how’,” said Kate Edwards, Executive Director of Global Game Jam. “The tenets of Global Game Jam - creativity, collaboration, inclusion and fun - are more important now than ever, and we are so excited to have Tim Cullings joining our staff. His extensive background in supporting indie developers and organizing charity game jam events for change will prove invaluable as we steer into the uncharted waters ahead.”