GGJ and Mixer Team up - Let us See Your Jam Site!

Hello Global Game Jam® Organisers!

We’re bringing the official Global Game Jam® stream back again, this time with our friends (and headline sponsors!) at Mixer, and we want to show your GGJ sites to the world!

Sites small, sites large, sites in remote locations or cool places, sites with delicious food or exceptional communities -- we want them all. You don’t have to broadcast the whole time, but we would love to see what you’re up to during the event, so we can feature your event on the official GGJ Mixer channel.

What we want from you is a commitment of 1 hour of time where you will do something active for the camera: interview your jammers, do a site tour, show us some of the things that your jammers are working on, share your keynote or anything else which shows off your unique location to the world. Don’t forget, if you are streaming before 5pm on Friday in Hawaii, you need to be extra careful not to mention the theme!

Sign up today to get a time slot on our central Global Game Jam® channel, hosted on Mixer, and we will be in touch with more details soon. While you are waiting to see if you got a timeslot on our central channel, why don’t you check out Mixer, and get a head start by setting up an account!