GGJ 2022 Diversifiers!

The moment you have all been waiting for! with just over a week to go before the jam begins, we are delighted to bring you the GGJ 2022 Diversifiers!

We hope that they will start you thinking of ideas you could apply to your GGJ games.

We could not have come up with this awesome list without your submissions along with our diversifier committee, and we want to say a big thanks to the following people for helping to make this possible: Adam Boyne, Caleb Anderson, Gustavo Dort, Ian Hamilton, Sarah Cole, Teppo Kauppinen, Tim Cullings, Victor Breum and Yadu Rajiv.

Diversifiers are a great way to add a little more fun or challenge to your jam weekend. Sometimes they can be very helpful to limit your scope or refine your ideas. They are totally optional constraints you can choose to add to your GGJ Online game alongside the main focus of the theme. It can help your game stand out from the crowd, and you can choose up to 4 when you submit! This year's diversifiers will also be available in other languages, which will be linked to this post as soon as they are ready.

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Don’t go alone, take THIS (Sponsored by Unity) - The GGJ is all about people coming together, sharing ideas, and making them a reality. Create a game about people or things coming together that includes a unique focal item: what is "this"?

Emotional Rollercoaster (Sponsored by dotbigbang) - Create a game that creates an emotional response in the player. Laughter, fear, joy, affection, surprise or a sense of accomplishment (paraphrased from Satoru Iwata).

Be Visionary (Sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment) - Enable VR support in your game, and/or implement eye-tracking capabilities as part of your game play.

The Best from Britain (Sponsored by UK Games Fund/Tranzfuser) - You should only use this diversifier if you are a team based in the UK. Participating teams should provide content that pays homage to / captures the spirit of / shows influence from a UK video game IP or a UK-based video game developer / studio. We’d be delighted to see any game of your choosing that showcases exceptional talent from the UK. Whether it’s a worldwide famous AAA title or an iconic indie game, we want to join you in celebration of all that is great  about Britain’s game dev heritage. To find out more click here 

Celebrate and Protect Cultural Heritage (Sponsored by Cultural Antiquities Task Force of the US State Department) - Create a game ​that celebrates diverse cultural​ heritage and raises awareness of art, artifacts, traditions, and places at risk from theft, looting, trafficking, destruction, and climate change.

Sustainable (Sponsored by Virtuos) - Dealing with limited resources can be a boost for creativity and may lead to greater achievements. Use at least one limited resource in your game (time, energy, moves, etc) that encourages players to come up with creative solutions to complete the game or level(s).

Quest for Knowledge (Sponsored by TwilioQuest) - Weave new lessons into the rich sci-fi universe of TwilioQuest- Use our educational RPG framework and content authoring tools to teach any technical tool or concept to our growing community of developers. Learn more and get started here.

Core Exercise (Sponsored by Core Games) - Use the Core Games platform to create your Global Game Jam entry. Entries created in Core are eligible to win part of a $10,000 prize pool; find out more at  


GAG10 - Celebrate the 10th anniversary of by implementing 10 guidelines from the site.

I See Where You're Coming From - The direction that sounds are coming from is displayed visually on screen.

Stress Free - Give the player an option to play with the difficult greatly reduced (e.g. no enemies, no timer)


Another Dimension - Create a game in the Voxel art style.

20th Century Gaming - Your game's visuals are in the style of games from a device released before the year 2000.

Acutely Eye-dentifiable - The game has super kawaii(cute) and high-contrast visuals.


All that Jazz - Use a music piece from prior to 1923 in your game. All sound recordings fixed before 1923 will enter the public domain in the U.S. see 

The Classics Never Go Out of Style - Use only chiptune audio in a non-retro style game.

Mixtape - Upload any music you make for your game online and share it under a Creative Commons license so that others can use it this year or in Global Game Jam 2023! Submit your music or find music to use in this Google Drive Folder


Runtime Fun Time - Create a game without using any external assets, all your content must be generated from code at runtime.

Keep it Clean - Keep your code clean! No more than 3 parameters per method, no more than 15 lines per method! Keep it clean to the max!

On Board - You must develop and deploy your game on a single board computer such as the Raspberry Pi


Playable Places - Create a game that can be played in your local community, on the streets, in a covid-safe manner.

Keys to Success - Make a multiplayer game where each player uses only one keyboard key to control some aspect of the game.

Stick Together - Make a game that revolves around grouping characters or objects.


Made to Play Together - Make a multiplayer digital game with a physical component; for example an online multiplayer game that also has a physical game board.

Take A Break - Each member of the team has to take at least one break every 2-3 hours.

Everyone is a Creator - At least one of your collaborators has to be someone who is not involved in games or game design at all. Their contribution to the game must be significant, or at the very least not a tokenistic throw-away gag.


Brxu Vhfuhw lv Vdih zlwk Ph - Include cryptography and ciphers in the gameplay or narrative of your game!

Build Your Own Multi-verse - Your game's narrative should include characters from at least two works of fiction that are now in the public domain (e.g. The Great Gatsby, Peter Pan, The Secret Garden, Treasure Island, A Daughter of the Samurai, etc.).

Rhyme or Reason - All of your in-game dialog/text/speech must rhyme.