GGJ 2015: The Official Stats

We had another record-breaking year at Global Game Jam. 28,837 people registered for 518 jam sites in 78 countries and 5438 games were produced. We estimate actual in-person participation to be about 21,000 people, based on registered team members and known number of organizers.

We have had substantial increase in numbers every year. While we don't think this trend will necessarily continue for another seven years, we do recognize there are many more talented young game developers who could participate world wide. 78 countries is only about one third of the world.

Nothing could have been done without the active participation of many volunteers at multiple levels, chief among them the GGJ executive producer Ciro Durán whose team did a spectacular job of producing the event. Hundreds of people from sponsors to site organizers and their staffs had a part in this. Please see our credits page for more.



  • Registered jam sites: 518
  • Number of countries represented: 78
  • Games produced: 5438
  • Number of registered jammers: 28,800 (21,000 estimated attendance)
  • First-time countries or territories: Belarus, Cuba, Ecuador, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Ghana, Guatemala, Guernsey and Luxembourg.
  • Team sizes:
    • number of solo / single-member teams: 1032
    • 2 member teams: 705
    • 3 member teams: 909
    • 4 member teams: 904
    • 5 member teams: 816
    • 6 member teams: 581
    • 7 member teams: 252
    • 8 member teams: 143
    • 9 or more members: 539


(Picture: GGJ 2015 Vancouver at UBC)