Get ready, GGJ17 is almost here!

Yes, it's hard to believe, but Global Game Jam 2017 is only hours away.

Don't panic! We're here to help!

First up, check out our comprehensive list of jammer resources. Keep this link handy; it could be a life-saver.

Next, pack those bags of yours. Keep in mind that this is not a couple of nights in a hotel. Instead, imagine you're going camping and pack accordingly. Here are some tips to ensure your weekend doesn't suck:

  • Remember the golden rule: floors are not comfy. If you're staying overnight, bring something to sleep on. Also, consider a sleep mask and ear plugs.
  • Bring your basic necessities: toothbrush, hairbrush/comb, deodorant, and so on. Jamming is easier if you feel fresh, and your fellow jammers won't complain either!
  • Bring a towel! (Douglas Adams knew what he was talking about.)
  • Get together all of your bits and pieces: charging cables, power adapters, spare batteries and anything else that will be a pain if it isn't there.
  • If you’re likely to need any medication, be sure to pack it.

While you're getting ready, please take a moment to read our code of conduct. We want everyone to have a good time, and following these simple rules will help make that happen.

The most important thing is to have fun. GGJ is a chance for thousands of people to get together and create something amazing, so enjoy it. If you want to jump on the hype train with your fellow jammers, get yourself onto Facebook or Twitter.

It's time to get excited!