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GDC 2024 Scholarship applications are now open!

GDC logo with two men standing on either side of it. GGJ login in the middle of the D in GDC. Text" Apply for a GDC 2024 scholarship now!"

We are extremely happy to announce that we are again partnering with Game Developers Conference (GDC ) and are able to offer "All Access" passes to our jammers, organizers, and volunteers!

We encourage everyone from the GGJ community to apply, especially if you have never had the chance to go to GDC before, or you come from an underrepresented region of the world that normally don’t get their voices heard within a games industry context.

The conference passes give participants an opportunity to further their career development through networking and on-site learning as well as being able to bring this new knowledge and experience back to their community at home.

GDC is the world’s largest forum for the game development community to come together and share ideas, and we are really excited to be able to share this experience with you.

GGJ will be putting on a mixer and roundtable at GDC (times and locations TBA) to help you meet others in the community and also participate in crafting the future of the GGJ experience, events, and community.

Please fill out this application form to be considered for a scholarship.

Applications close on 5 February at 23:59 PST. Winners will be notified by 13 February 2024.

Please note, aside from the microgrants you are financially responsible for your transportation, meals, accommodations and any other costs related to attending.