Endless and GGJ Announce Microgrants Available for Developing Education & Learning Games!

The Global Game Jam®️ has partnered with Endless to create a microgrant program for game creators in our community who wish to further develop their games that are focused on the purpose of education and/or incorporates learning themes. 

Founded in 2011, Endless is a global network of companies, foundations, non-profits, technologists, and advocates who want to unlock human potential through technology - with a special focus on harnessing the power of cutting edge games to advance education. 

If you developed a game during the Global Game Jam (2022 or in the past) that is focused on education and/or learning, apply today for a microgrant!

Program Details

Here are the details for participating in this microgrant program:

  • The program is open to applicants worldwide who have participated in a Global Game Jam event (any year).
  • These grants are for games that are already in development at least to a playable prototype stage.
  • Your game must clearly be focused on an educational theme and/or learning objective. 
  • Ideally, your game was initially created during a Global Game Jam event, but that is not a requirement
  • Applicants who receive microgrant funds will be required to submit monthly progress reports and updates on the game’s development. 
  • Grant applications will remain open, but application reviews and disbursements will be conducted in 4-week cycles. A grant committee will review applications every month. We will then notify you about your grant status as soon as a determination is made the following month, within 2-3 weeks. 
  • Grants will be awarded until the microgrant fund is exhausted.

To Apply for a Grant:

Visit this Microgrant Application Form and submit all the required details.


Please contact Tarja, GGJ Director of Communications, for questions about the microgrant program.