dot big bang is the GGJ23 headline sponsor!

Global Game Jam is excited to announce that dot big bang will be the headline sponsor again for the GGJ23!

dot big bang is an online platform that enables people to play, make, and share games, on any device, instantly! It was started in 2016 by four friends, with the aim of letting anybody make a game, and has grown into a full-fledged game making platform with a thriving community. It's the perfect place to make your Global Game Jam entry in 2023.

  • A fully-featured, fast-loading, browser-based gamedev platform
  • Make voxel objects & drag them into games instantly
  • Edit together in real time, with the game still running
  • Use thousands of objects and scripts created by other users
  • Code in TypeScript using our built-in version of VS Code with autocomplete, debugging, and quality-of-life features
  • Easy multiplayer – share a link with friends & collaborators, our servers do the rest
  • Get started right away at

dot big bang has many features that make it convenient for quick iteration and game jamming. The entire environment runs in a browser, with games saved and hosted online – so you can work across multiple devices, anywhere with internet. You can invite collaborators, playtesters and players into the game with a simple link, with no builds or downloads required – they just click a link and start to play or build together.

You can start a game instantly, make voxel objects to build it out, and draw from a huge library of community-made objects and scripts. Templates available include spawn points, checkpoints, launch ramps, vehicles, and many more. You can code in TypeScript using our built-in VS Code editor, with autocomplete and debugging. Our docs will help you get up to speed quickly, and you can talk to the devs, ask questions, and get live help on Discord.

dot big bang also makes multiplayer easy. Our game editor is multiplayer by default, so you can build and play with friends right away – share your game as a multiplayer link, and our servers do the rest. 

dot big bang community games

It’s free to play and create on dot big bang, and there are plans in motion to let creators earn money from their work in an equitable and transparent marketplace. Creators will be able to sell optional cosmetic items to players, and sell objects, scripts, and templates to game makers. Creators retain the rights to their work and have full control over whether their content is remixable, or only used in their own games. The platform is – and will remain – ad-free, crypto-free, and NFT-free.

We also launched our first free online game development course this year. It’s free for teachers to use in the classroom, or for anyone to try. You can see the course at, and sign up for future course updates at

You can start a game at (requires sign up), and play games at (no signup needed). Quick-start information and detailed documentation can be found in our documentation. Feel free to talk to  and ask questions on Discord, and follow our social media to stay up to date with new features and developments.

We hope you’ll try out dot big bang for the Global Game Jam in 2023! GLHF!

- the dot big bang team