Big changes for GGJ 2018 website

Big changes are coming to the GGJ website!

This year, we have made a lot of changes to the GGJ site, though you can't see much of it from the outside. We partnered with Civic Actions to rearchitect the back-end to increase performance and stability during the jam. Thank You CA!

Also Kalle Sirkesalo from Finland is our newest volunteer on the IT team. He's been a GGJ regular since 2013.

Jam Site Organizers can now edit all games in their site. Jammers can log in with either username or email address. All web connections are now encrypted with SSL. More than one game can be started per jammer in the same GGJ.

Past GGJ archive games have been linked to current accounts, and more can be added by members. Jam site maps now work better. We have an experimental solution to bulk-create accounts for larger jams that have a separate sign up system (talk to your RO about this if you anticipate 100+ people).

And more is coming... stay tuned on the web front.