Be cool with the rules at GGJ 2020

Global Game Jam® 2020 is a non-profit volunteer-run event with a single goal: to bring together people all over the world to have a great time making innovative games.

These wonderful and generous volunteers give thousands of hours of their time every year because they believe in the spirit of GGJ. This team relies on all of our jammers to operate within that spirit to achieve the same goal. Global Game Jam is not a competition; it's a worldwide creative collaboration.

With that in mind, please follow these very simple rules to help us make GGJ20 a success for everyone:

1. Keep the theme a secret. This is a global event, with 114 countries jamming in almost every time zone. @GlobalGameJam will announce the theme on Twitter around 3.30am UTC on Saturday 01 February, after Hawaii has begun jamming. Please don't reveal the theme to anyone until everyone has started.

2. Follow the Code of Conduct. GGJ has a Code of Conduct and expects everyone involved in the event to read it and abide by it. It's easy, really: don't be an awful person and everything will be fine!

3. Upload your game. All teams are expected to upload a playable version of their game or a link or set of instructions to enable visitors to the game page to play their game. Upload is to commence by 3pm Sunday local time, and no more uploads will be possible after the jam ends.

4. Share your work. One of the aims of GGJ is to help others learn from your work, so please assist with this by allowing people to tinker with the results of your work. You must share any code and assets you use for creating the game (as long as you are legally allowed to share them without breaking any other legal agreements). Don't share any code belonging to your employer or anyone else other than yourself, or upload anything that is under NDA or other legal constraints. 

5. Remember the licensing. All uploads (inclucode, assets, executables) will be shared and licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

6. Respect the ideals of the jam. Whatever creative decisions you make when creating your game, keep in mind the shared goal of collaborating, learning and sharing among the international game development community. Use tools and assets that allow your game to be licensed under creative commons. Upload ​a reasonably complete and playable game, and include any source code and assets for educational purposes. Anything you create will remain your property within the terms of our licensing agreement after the jam is done.

7. Look after yourself. GGJ is about creating positive experiences and memories. It's not about crunch and competition. Remember to stay hydrated, eat good food, move around, take rest breaks, and give yourself enough time to get plenty of sleep each night. For more tips, see Looking after your mental health at GGJ.

8. Enjoy yourself! Look out for each other, learn, create together and have fun. GGJ isn't just about making games; it's also for creating friendships, connections, experiences, and memories.