Announcing our 2022 class of GDC Scholars

Global Game Jam®️ is proud and excited to announce the GGJ Scholarship recipients for GDC 2022! Our scholars come form all over the world and represent the Global Game Jam community of organizers, volunteers and jammers that believe in and support our mission to empower individuals worldwide to learn, experiment, and create together through the medium of games.

Please join us in congratulating them! We’re excited about what this opportunity can provide them and look forward to hearing about their experience post-GDC.

We are grateful to our friends at Informa for graciously providing these All-Access Passes to our community.


Alireza Seddighi Alireza Seddighi (Iran) "I am a Ph.D. candidate in Software Systems Engineering and I have been a university lecturer in the field of game development and computer science for more than 6 years. I am a member of the specialized committee for compiling the courses of Bachelor's degree in Game Development in Iran. My sister (Ph.D. candidate in media and university lecturer) and I succeeded in creating a team (EYEDEA game development and research team) consisting of 40 talented students in various fields of game development. Our team has an incubator at the National Computer Games Foundation that specializes in the development and research of game development, as well as the training and identification of talented people. My sister and I have had the opportunity to participate in three Global Game Jam events (site organizer in GGJ and local organizer GGJNext) Under the title of EYEDEA. In the 2017 event, I was a lecturer and site organizer at the University of Science and Culture. I am also the author and translator of several books on game development. My sister and I are currently writing two more books in the fields of “Development and Distribution of Digital Games” and “Philosophy of Games. During the pandemic, my sister and I created a virtual training platform to train and provide game-related online lectures."
Bassem Seddik Bassem Seddik (Tunisia) "I am a Ph.D. in computer vision and machine learning and passionate about computer graphics, I have been involved with 2D/3D content creation first as a freelance infographist since 2005, then as a school and now as university teacher. Founder of the ViZmerald startup, I am involved into both hardware and software games related technologies."
Bruno Campagnolo Bruno Campagnolo (Brasil) "teaches game programming. He is the course coordinator of the Game Technology Program at PUCPR. Since 2010 he is the Global Game Jam organizer from Curitiba (one of the largest Global Game Jam site). He organizes game jams, games festivals and hackathons in Brazil."
Bruno Saraiva Rodrigues Bruno Saraiva Rodrigues (Brasil) "Formado em Mecatrônica e Especialista em Animação e Jogos Eletrônicos, é Professor do Curso de Jogos Digitais, colaborador e apoiador de diversos eventos sobre desenvolvimento de jogos, como Amostra Cearense de Games, Global Game Jam de 2013 a 2022, FADEJE (Feira de Apresentação e Desenvolvimento de Jogos Eletrônicos), eventos de jogos de tabuleiro, Infobrasil, Seminário de Jogos Digitais, SBGames (Simpósio Brasileiro de Games), CESOL (Ceará Software Livre), Media week Sobral, Bienal do Livro." English translation - Graduated in Mechatronics and Specialist in Animation and Electronic Games, he is Professor of the Digital Games Course, collaborator and supporter of several events on game development, such as Amostra Cearense de Games, Global Game Jam from 2013 to 2022, FADEJE (Presentation and Electronic Games Development), board game events, Infobrasil, Digital Games Seminar, SBGames (Brazilian Games Symposium), CESOL (Ceará Software Livre), Sobral Media week, Book Biennial."
Darren Kearney Darren Kearney (Ireland) "Darren is a key member of his local game development scene. Since 2015, he has been running regular Galway Game Jams; a uniting front for game makers in Galway, Ireland! Along with the team, Darren is proud to support the community through organising mentorship & training and successfully brought local game jams to the remote-space during the pandemic, including Global Game Jam Online and GGJ22."
David Olmaide David Olamide (Nigeria) "David Olamide is an Indie Game Developer from Nigeria. He has 4+ years of experience in the Games Industry. He is also Final Year Student of Computer Engineering at Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. He started an Indie Game Studio named Dimension11 Games in Nigeria in 2020 with some passionate game developer talented friends from Nigeria. They are currently working on an African Action-Adventure Role Playing Game titled "Legends of Orisha - Blood and Water" which is set in the ancient Yoruba land. He leads the community of Game Developers' Community in his university where he organizes Global Game Jam every year. He is the recipient of various awards and recognition in the Games Industry. He is a big voice of the African Games Industry. His goal is to bring African Histories and Stories to Limelight through Games."
Débora Sofía Theaux Leutgeb Débora Sofía Theaux Leutgeb (Argentina) "Since I entered the Game Industry I have always participated in community events. I started cordinating League Of Legends tournaments in 2014, with the support of Riot Games, hopping bring new dreams to local players. Then I discovered a Game Development Carreer in Córdoba Argentina and it was really crazy. Quickly I begun attending events like EVA Córdoba 2017 and then Córdoba Game Jam 2018 and get involved with Game Development Communities. I had a dream, I saw how talented are local people of Argentina and I wanted to support the growth of the Industry. I started as a Site Organizer in 2019 putting all my efforts in the event. Then in 2020 was the best event of my life being organizer, it was beautiful. The people was very happy, they learned a lot. Also I begun teaching Game Programming for kids (10-18 years) and then for adults (+18 my oldest student was 69 years old). I really enjoy teach so I teach everytime I can. Sadly I stop teaching and I starting working like a Game Programmer in a company called TGA. It's crazy because I never thought I was "smart" enough to code but anyone can do it. Now, I'm a Tech Lead, my role is teach others developers how to grow. I love my job. I love help people. I really love the game development community. This year is my fourth time as an organizer for the Córdoba location and although I love being part of this community, I feel the need to "pass the torch" to someone else so that they can grow within the industry and bring fresh ideas to the community. In summary, my contributions were: being part of different organizations of video game development events such as EVA and GGJ. Being a teacher of video game programming. Being Tech Lead in a local company. Being an administrator of Unity groups with more than 30 thousand users. And motivate other organizers to "decentralize" the Córdoba Argentina headquarters, so that they create their own GGJ headquarters."
Doriana Othman Doriana Othman (United States) "Hello Everyone, My name is Doriana Othman! I was born and raised in Chicago, IL, but I currently study Computer Science at the University of Denver. How I've been spending a lot of my time these past few years is doing anything in regards to creating or teaching others how to create cool things. If you had to find me, there's a good chance I'll be at a concert, hosting/participating in DIY workshops, or playing a game to wind down. I've always been very passionate about games and believe it's something that can connect us all in this crazy world of ours. I love to chat, so if you see me around be sure to say hi!"
Glen Henry Glen Henry (Jamaica) "Glen Henry was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. His love for visual and interactive media has led him to a career as an Independent Game Developer, and establishing Spritewrench Studios, with the expressed intent of exploring the industry and his creative passion. While operating the business as a vehicle for his personal projects and freelance endeavours, he connected with like-minded individuals who eventually helped to form the Jamaica Game Developer Society (JGDS). JGDS is a grass-roots coalition of projects and people in support of Jamaica's video game communities. He uses his experience to nurture and encourage the growth of the region's Game Development sector and is eager to see more projects come out of the islands."
Gökçe 'Sky' Komaç Gökçe 'Sky' Komaç (Turkey) "Gökçe Komaç (a.k.a. Sky) is a game programmer and designer, who is always driven by challenges that involve creativity. She is the GGJ Turkish translator and also a long-term passionate jammer. Her interests as a game dev include utilizing games for purposes other than entertainment, particularly education or raising awareness. She is currently low-key working on her own game projects."
Huda Rasmey Huda Rasmey (Egypt) "Huda is an enthusiastic game developer with 11 years experience. She has experience with Unity and Unreal game engines. She worked on a large spectrum of projects including mobile, pc games, AR/VR experiences and Interactive applications for advertising, branding and education. She had a Game Development diploma from ITI where she currently teaches OpenGL, Math and Unreal classes."
Jorge M. Carvalho Jorge M. Carvalho (Portugal) "I’m Jorge M. Carvalho and I’m the Co-Founder and Lead Developer of Whales And Games, a Portugal-based indie game studio and team working on fun, polished games brimming with personality. We’re currently working on Townseek, a relaxing exploration-trading game that was originally created during Global Game Jam Online in 2021. The project was created from mine and the team’s love for travelling, and our feelings of withdrawal created by our inability to travel during the last two years of the pandemic. Global Game Jam was my first ever game jam back in 2016 when I was still getting started in the games industry. Since then, I’ve been a game jam aficionado, and have been a site organiser for Global Game Jam for the past six years, and a Discord Moderator for Global Game Jam Discord for the last three years. Additionally, I also run Game Developers PT, a Discord-based community for Portuguese developers and the Portuguese games industry, and I have contributed to several events, game jams, and community initiatives in Portugal over the last years. Most recently I’ve with providing feedback to university students on their projects and helping them take their first steps into the wider industry and looking for new ways to further connect our industry through digital communities. As our game studio continues to grow, we want to be a positive impact in society through our games, striving for a more peaceful, diverse, and welcoming world. To more personal motives, I dearly enjoy travelling, enjoy exploring new hobbies, build LEGOs, getting myself involved with new communities, and just having a whale of a time in general!"
Kadir Ozden Kadir Ozden (Turkey) "I am a game developer from Ankara, Turkey. My professional journey start with GGJ ATOM, I learned a lot from the community. Since then, while I try to improve myself and my games, I am also trying to improve the community for others, especially for the newcomers. I started a student community at university, we introduce game development to students with jams, sessions, panels and classes. I was on the board of directors for around two years, right now I am supporting them as an advisor and backer."
Luis Buelna Luis Buelna (Mexico) "Just a regular guy who loves to make games. I currently teach game development at Universidad Tecmilenio and Universidad de Artes Digitales, I'm also part of a community known as GDS: Game Development Sinaloa, where I offer workshops and other kind of gamedev related activities. It is important for me to get this industry well placed in my local city, be cause there are a lot of people interested in it, but lack of support."
Meagan Nyland Meagan Nyland (USA) "Meagan currently hails from Baltimore where she teaches courses in video games, writing, and digital publishing at Stevenson University and directs the Stevenson Summer Writers' Workshop. Throughout the year she works collaboratively to host interdisciplinary events, such as Global Game Jam. A member of a global writing community, she has a regular publication record, three published collections, and has been nominated for a Pushcart for Fiction and Best of the Net for Poetry. Her passion for storytelling and games, have always lead her to strong, creative and supportive communities, and she loves helping other writers and gamers discover the same."
Oleksii Izvalov Oleksii Izvalov (Ukraine) "Brought Global Game Jam to Ukraine in 2016. Since then several thousands of game developers from tens of Ukrainian cities have participated. Actively expanding the GGJ outreach by involving local and global companies who can provide support for the jammers' teams on their way to the full game release. PhD (2014). Publishing research papers on game creation events since 2016. Chair of International Conference on Game Jams, Hackathons and Game Creation Events (ICGJ) 2022. Indie game developer since 2010. Using Action Script 3 and Harman AIR as a development tool of choice and releasing games for PC and Mobile, such as Steampunk Idle Spinner or Farm and Mine."
Thierry Brochart Thierry Brochart (France) "Long, long ago... I once played Pong with my brother and since that day I knew I wanted to create video games! I created an association (Bouftang) in Reunion island with some friends indie game dev like me to organize and structure the video game creation in our Region of the world. We organize local game jams since 2013 and I do organize a kind of GGJ Next with our 53 highschools (making games with Scratch) since 4 years now."
Timothee Engel Timothee Engel (Germany) "Timothée Engel is a Software Engineer and Producer at PhotonEngine. As a software engineer he specializes in the design and programming of multiplayer gameplay interactions. As a producer he manages the incubator and accelerator partnerships across Asia and Europe to help independent teams understand, grasp and execute on the opportunities presented by multiplayer games. Prior to entering the game industry, he worked in the entertainment and event industry as a freelance photographer, creative lead and brand consultant."
Tutaleni Ilonga Tutaleni Ilonga (Namibia) "I am Game Designer, content creator, Project Manager and founder of TL Studios Entertainment, I am also the Co-Founder of Game Jam Africa a platform designed to help foster game development in Africa. I also organize events that promote filming & game development competitions. I am the first Namibian game developer to ever host a Global Game Jam and Game Jam Plus event in Namibia. I aim to not only create a game dev market in Namibia but also create a market where everyone can benefit financially."
Vivek Jha Vivek Jha (India) "Technical Lead at MyyHashstash, Helping run's largest gaming community), Global Game Jam Regional Organizer - India. I have been doing volunteer community work since the beginning of my gamedev career (since 2015). I have been hosting Global Game Jam and also have run my country's largest and oldest Game Jam i.e. BYOG for past two years. Now, I am also helping run to bring gamedevs from India in the limelight and provide them with a platform and guidance to help boost their journey in this Industry. is the oldest and largest game dev community in India and I am proud to say that my community and by extension me was also in the list of 'Game Changers 2021'."